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I mean duh. The first four games are the best in the genre.

But MS as a series is more consistent, contra went all over the place after Spirits.


In today’s edition of viewing ebay completed listings

Oh yes, so similar mr ebay guy…


I’ve noticed the same thing whenever I’m late to the party and eBay tries to recommend another item. I’m actually surprised how bad it is because it’s not hard to see how it’s a missed sales opportunity in what would otherwise be impulse purchases.


just blind bought an entire game collection of over 500 games for 350.

I really need to stay off ebay


Gah. Hope it proves worth while.

What systems?


PS1 ,PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, Wii u, Sega Genesis, N64, Gameboy, Gamecube. May be other stuff but it was hard to tell from the pictures.

Hopefully there are some hidden gems in there.


Can you link to the completed auction? We can all do some sleuthing! I understand if you don’t want that, though.


This feels a bit like the physical equivalent of a gacha game. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hopefully it isn’t 500 variations of FIFA games :rofl:


Knowing my luck they probably took out all the good games. I’m also sick and on medication so clearly I am not making good decisions.


Here’s hoping it’s 500 copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga that the owner didn’t realize was worth much :crossed_fingers:t2:


pretty much my thought process





I think as another birthday approaches this month I’m getting closer to a true midlife crisis. I spent the last week searching online for the type of Sony walkman I had growing up, bought a bunch of type II cassettes, and researched way too many tape decks, all with a plan to start making mix tapes again. :flushed:

I’ll know the crisis is the real deal when I pull in the driveway with the Honda S2000 that I always wanted.


My weekend project. Bought this lot for 150. Going to see how many I can get working.


Awesome little haul, good luck on everything and I can’t wait to see how many you can get functioning!


Weekend project went from fixing 3ds systems to working on pipes in the bathroom. Every time you think you’re finished there’s a new leak.


Someone sent me this recently lol


You buy that lot from @Peagles ?


Got them from ebay.