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lol just trying that


Oh you


Feel free to add whatever emojis you want


. >:c


:apathetic: you’re an emoji now. Enjoy


Apathetic’s back in emoji form!






Time to see if I got 500 copies of fifa


Probably should have just bought snatcher. I expected some sports games but I feel a bit lied to.

Don’t gamble kids.


So it is 500 copies of Fifa?

What was the description, I gots to know.


This was the description
My son wants to sell all of his video games,most of them were in binders, ps3, xbox360, xbox,ps2,ps1,pc, nintendo wii & more, some are not scratched some are, selling in a giant lot for a one great price. There are over 500 game discs and a few cartridges. Selling as scratched lot because there are some that are scratched and need work, these come from a good home, please submit payment promptly"

Its pretty obvious this was the stuff they couldn’t sale. It’s not a total lost though. There were some good stuff in it. Just not 350 worth.


Ouch. Links crossbow training though!


Going through the pc games and pretty sure I own every copy of Sims released. On the bright side it’s got Diablo 2 in it so I might play that tonight.