RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

I keep choking on the last lap :frowning:

I’ve figured out a way to get 28 or less on the first lap which is pretty good though! I’ve just got to keep it together for the rest.


Yeah, I realized I’m doing it wrong on the starts so hopefully I can find time to try again and save that second or so. That might get me down to a 2’04”90 if I get really lucky on where I catch traffic.

I just hit 2’06’00 on the dot with a massive choke at the end. So close!

Get on my level, son.

I’m done untill someone beats me! I recorded the run as well!

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LOL! OK, I should be able to do some more with it before Sunday. Those are great lap times! Consistent!

Our lap times are so close.It’s just my “trick” I found to get sub 29 on the first lap. I played bumper cars once or twice that run and I did terrible on the last bend. If I hit the last bend right I can stay at 47x mph but I kept getting gimped by traffic!

My best first lap is 27’59. I think I can get it down to 26’xx if I practice the s bend without boost

Oh shit!

Page updated.

Share your trick! I shared mine earlier.

(Or don’t. If I didn’t win the last one I wouldn’t have shared my boost trick to be honest).

It’s funny… we had a Ghouls N’ Ghosts high score battle between my group of friends. We’re all pretty terrible at the game, and it’s brutally hard.

Highest score after almost a full week was about 20k, and I came in on the last day with 100k. Everyone was like… WTF.

Here’s the trick I came up with to get a high score, didn’t even bother seeing how far I could get. It was pretty cheap, but it worked!

I make sure I get bumped at least twice off the start. I’m uploading my run right now and I’ll post it here when its done ( its 4k/60 so it’ll be a while)

Yeah that’s the one. No double bump = insta-restart

Blue, then green.

OK we are all on the same page lol

hahaha when raskulous went from a 2:16 to a 2:10 and you got a 2:06 on your first try I was like okay I see you guys :smirk:

My first run was 2’21 lol. My first run “of the day” a few days later was 2’06

That makes me feel better lol. I was about to say…you don’t just pick up F-zero and get a 2’06!

I’ve played a fair amount of X/GX over the years but this is my first time touching the SNES version

To be fair, the bumps only give you about 2 seconds. I just really like racing games, so once I get the feel of it, I can do decent at anything.

For the record, my time was set without the bump. I only recognized that was a trick after I got done last night.