RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

Ok, here’s my run!


I did a run too!


Another one.

I think I had pretty much a perfect run… not sure I can beat it. I’ll post a video recorded with my phone later.

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Really impressive times. I’m not sure what you can do to get better then that.

One I get my capture setup going I’m gonna start recording my attempts for these weekly challenges.

I’m glad this challenge was a lot more exciting than the last one. Y’all are some good F-Zero players.

I love the participation we’re getting… really good choice of game Peltz!

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Here’s the video of my run. Sorry for the potato quality recording… I have an Extron on order, so I can set up some proper video output soon!

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Well, I give up on bettering that time. I can’t ever get a clean track and when I do, I’ve coughed up the start. Well done on the 2’02"11 I think that’s simply unbeatable without serious time and luck.

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Thank you sir

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I also give in. 202 seems unobtainable at this point!

Lol at that tag. Nice job @raskulous

He earned it!

Haha, just noticed… nice

Yea looks like you locked this one up. Great week for this thread. Looking forward to the next game.

So how about this challenge?

I’ve already got something in mind if I win :grin:

You’ve still got 3 1/2 hours to get the win!

Ohhhhh winner chooses next challenge?


We had a sort of vote for starters, then Peltz choose F-Zero.