RGB High Score Battle! - Week 8: Donkey Kong

I think it’s my setup (old laptop). Perhaps it’s just DK in MAME though as @SAKY mentioned.

Can I get 1 point for “any honest attempt” if I play the NES version?

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Not my rules, but I don’t see why not.

Yeah I think that would be fine. The NES version is extremely close to the arcade version.

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Hi, I’m Billy Mitchell, who can I mail my highscore VHS to here on RGB?

Not very good at this at all.

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This game is tough for sure.


Third loop! \o/

Replying to myself here, but I retract my lag statement. I think it’s just Mario’s inability to jump then jump again quickly (also I suck lol).

That’s definitely a part of how the games plays. Very methodical. Kind of akin to the Castlevania school of committing to a jump rather than the more lucid control style that Mario would be known for later.

Wooty woot

Is there logic in the game that if you’re on a ladder the next barrel has a significantly higher chance of coming down that ladder? It’s feels like it. This is a great arcade game in that I’m terrible at it but want to keep playing. Gimme those quarters!

No idea. I just try to react as best I can and stand past the ladders that are positioned more to the middle of the screen and I stand before the ladders are close to the edge of screen. I never stay on a ladder more than I have to, as those barrels seemingly pick you off every time.

There is something, definitely. What I do now is walk past the ladder, wait for the barrel to roll past it too, then climb it.

The flames are super annoying. I don’t even try to jump over them as half of the time they just change direction and screw me at the landing.

Yeah the flames are super cheap. Best to avoid them or smash em with a hammer.

My best (but not very good) so far

Don’t worry. I couldn’t get past 8700, heh.

Just want to get something in as usual before the time is up. I think I can do better but I’ll have to hit it hard tomorrow.

Still not so great but now consistently able to get to L=02 without losing a life and can usually manage to get to the first 25m of L=03 before losing the last of my lives.

Improved a little bit.

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