RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’ve got 2, 3, and Code Veronica on the way for GC so that I can have a complete set of GC RE games.

I started playing onimusha and it really confirms that I need forward-on-R for fixed camera games and all the GC RE games have that.


BTW posted this to discord but look at this ridic Onimusha collector’s edition for Switch:



What year is it dot gif


Got some portable Densha de Go! games. I think I’m longing to ride/drive the Chuo Main Line and Yamanote lines again.

Also got Densha de Go Ryojouhen on the way - it’s got the Enoden in it!


image https://media.giphy.com/media/zXA5VEmXr7OUg/giphy.gif

Are these train simulators?



I forgot to add this to my pickups too


I tried to play some of the Densha de Go games on PSP back in the day, but not knowing Japanese kind of hampered that experience, lol. Love the blue PSP too!


I want a yellow PSP.


It’s pretty easy to play without understanding the language once you get past the menus. It’s especially a lot of fun if you play the console versions with the train conductor controllers.

I’ve got 64 w/ the controller and last year picked up Final with the (stupidly expensive) controller. Final’s really great, very realistic recreations, but I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to dive into it.


Thanks for the comments, folks.

I think I’ll use the DS game to understand the rules first - luckily all the kanji in dialogue text has furigana above it so it shouldn’t be too tricky figuring everything out.

The PSP game has a lot of kanji so some of the finer details are lost given my elementary Japanese - though I have managed to make it past the first two stages.

I’m impressed with both so far with the little time I’ve spent with them. The PSP games are slices of Densha de Go Final which @poptart mentioned, and the presentation is superb. The DS game also looks very good (I like the Sega blue skies - reminds me of a crisp Winter), and the touchscreen controls are amazing!


Looking forward to playing this!

MOD EDIT: Reuploaded your first pic in order to blank out the digital code -BTails


Killer box art :heart_eyes:


At first I thought it finally released… and then I saw it was the JPN version. It might be the only physical version released at this rate.


Random pickups from the past 2 months


Yeah, heck I was under the impression it had been released Worldwide digitally but even then it hasn’t. I guess publishing rights changed with the SKUs outside of Japan due to the physical release which seems to keep getting delayed.


@harborline_765 Just FYI, I saw what looked like a Digital Code inside that (very nice) box. I would assume you’ve redeemed it prior to uploading the pic, but to be on the safe side, I’ve edited your upload to blank it out :slight_smile:


Thank you. I did make sure to redeem it straight away, but better to be safe than sorry! Appreciated!


The people publishing it here, keep claiming its coming, but Amazon cancelled my pre-order for it and aren’t relisting it so I think you might be right.


Smart thinking.


It’s strange actually, I was thinking that Dispatch Games’ involvement would mean a separate SKU outside of Japan and SE Asia but their logo appears at the start if you wait long enough!

The hold up isn’t great - they should at least release it on the eShop first like Team17 does when there’s a lead time on physical copies.

I worried when I saw this on the IP notices screen (I had my suspicions after the long title screen load times) but it seems to be one of the better programmed Unity games - minimal input lag during gameplay and amazing use of HD Rumble every time you brush a bullet. Loving it so far - perhaps Unity is used for the new front end like Namco Museum?