RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I got lucky on an Ebay alert a few weeks ago. I had a KOF 2003 mvs kit when it came out originally, but ended up selling it later on when I was out of work for a bit.

Someone put up a partial kit for sale with a $50 BIN shortly after the start of the new year. Needless to say, I jumped right on it. Yeah, the game is riddled with infinites and is pretty broken, but I still enjoy it. Not only is it the last KOF on the original Neo Geo hardware, but it also has MVC2 style tag battles, which is cool. Also, Terry sports his MOTW leather jacket, and Tizoc is playable. Happy to welcome this game back to my collection.

Also picked up a repro mini marquee for KOF2003 and Strikers 1945+ from another seller.

Also I received my original Aero City marquee holder. It’s kinda scratched up, but at least its original.


Sweet. I only have one full MVS kit: WindJammers. Wish I had a bunch more.


Dude! A full Windjammers kit is all you need! That’s awesome.


All I need is the fourth one.


This pick up would only have been cooler if I got Code Veronica for GC too. I wish these titles were 480p.

3 Digital pick ups I’m excited about.


Damn, all 6! I only got these 2 today. Less than 900y total as well, so not much to be sad about!

These are from the past few months. Almost 3 to be exact. I don’t normally go this extravagant, but i’ve stopped smoking for that period and all the money i would have spent went to these instead!


RE4 supports 480p

The rest of the Gamecube batch can be easily forced with Swiss


2 and 3 can be forced into 240p as well!


The price difference between Code Veronica X on PS2 and GameCube is not cool.


Here’s my winter pickups so far. Just got the PSOne screen yesterday. I should probably do this more often… had a hard time fitting it all into one pic (and seeing everything together is a bit eye opening!)

Edit: I just realized I cut out the C64 and Neo Geo mini systems and my 8bitdo NES DIY controller and SNES30… they were stacked on top of the ps4. Oh well:p


The various system specific/unique screens was something that always interested me back in the day but I never got one then and haven’t looked much into them now. I wounder if any of them are of good quality.


How good is the PSOne screen? Was it comparable to RGB or composite?


I’m really ignorant to all the differences in video signal but as far as I’m concerned games look really good on it. From what I can find online the screen itself has a resolution of 640×480.
The speakers are loud! I keep them at about 30%.

Edit: crappy cell pic of the screen


Has to be RGB surely…


I only found one Wii screen that was actually 480p but never found one at a giveaway price so I skipped it. That’s as far as I looked into that


Looks decent! Any photos of a sprite based game?


Congrats on quitting smoking!


Congrats!! As a former smoker, I know it’s not an easy thing to do. That extra money put to good use.


I received a game in the post today - Resident Evil 2 for DreamCast.

But it isn’t the one I ordered…or did I? I looked at my purchases to double check and it seems I was meant to receive Tokyo Bus Guide on PS2 instead.

So now I’m thinking I received someone else’s game and they got mine, which is pretty funny. Imagine looking forward to playing the original RE2 during the height of RE2 remake fever and receiving Tokyo Bus Guide instead!

Amazing! Enjoy the games!!! Love the boxart for Pop’n Twinbee.


Nice! Gradius Gaiden is my favorite PSX SHMUP just barely beating out R-Type Delta.