RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’ve always wondered what the consensus is on which is better. Seems JP version is more of the original intent of the development team. It also feels more classic, and though it’s harder to get a sense of it these days, the feeling of a “return to form” was very impactful with this game. A similar feeling occurred with Zelda 3 on the SNES a couple years later.


Just chiming in on the bubble. My opinion is it’s not going to completely pop, now that ‘old games’ are seen as valuable in general. The highest end of the market will come down once the fever passes, but with digital becoming the norm, physical games are going to go the way of vintage vinyl. A niche of collectors, purists who want a very specific experience, and hipsters will seek out the ‘vintage gear’ and keep prices high (here’s hoping we get the equivalent of 180g repressings in the future as well).


I completely forgot about those differences in SMB3!

Oh and the guy I got the N64 off has offered a full refund. Nice.


Just received my SNES visual compendium. This guy knows how to do a Kickstarter: great stuff and high quality.


I decided to get back into using arcade sticks. Mostly for shmups, and maybe the occasional fighting game. It just came in today and I’ve gotten to spend a little bit of time with it. Updating the firmware might have been the easiest firmware update I’ve ever done. As you can see on the box it works with a lot of systems, and with the latest firmware it works with the Switch too. So far I’m pretty happy with it, the stick itself isn’t great, and replacing it will definitely be the first mod I do to it. That said though I’m really happy with the overall size and weight of it.


How are the buttons?


They seem ok, maybe a little soft if that makes sense. They push down and bounce back, but maybe there’s not the resistance I’m looking for. I need to get to an arcade and compare some.


When I got my Sanwa buttons I was surprised how light and non-resistive they were. I’m still not sure if I like it or not over the stiffer Seimetsu buttons I have. It’s awesome for rapid fire though.


I definitely prefer Sanwa parts over Seimitsu parts.


Agree 100% on sticks. I actually just modded my JLF with a heavy spring (4lbs I think?) and octo-gate. It feels way better than my modded LS-56. It just feels smoother and higher quality.

For buttons, the Sem parts seem more cheaply made but they have a chunky charm that makes me flip flop!

Now I just have to replace that top art… and actually practice with using arcade sticks!


Black light coolness.

From my local retro game shop. I’m an XB1 owner and AAA games developed by Microsoft are becoming somewhat of a rarity these days. Never been into Crackdown, but figured I better check the series out before the new Crackdown on the XB1.

From ebay. I love the box art for Gulf Strike. After seeing the Gulf Strike ad in a magazine as a kid, I always wanted the game, but never got around to it. Now I finally have a copy. :grinning:


The d-pad is actually pretty solid. Installing the shell can be a pain though.


Cross-posting from the Saturn and PC Engine thread, hope that’s okay. Normally I wouldn’t so that, but I kinda wanna flaunt Hyper Duel :slight_smile:



Daaaaaamn… that’s a lot of not cheap stuff! Nice!


I’m CRT all the way baby. Maybe in the future.


Did group my 2/3 last months as I did not buy much things, but that’s cool stuff :slight_smile:


I like how the OSSC is “hiding” under the remote :wink:


this thread has some amazing stuff, but i’m jelly of these boxes, haha - congrats man!


Thanks!! One is on my shelf. They other will go to a friend. Certainly happy to have them.