RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


It’s a pretty good book, isn’t it. I was surprised when I received it from
my brother as I’m a regular visitor to the Hardcore gaming 101 site.

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It’s a fun read. They don’t go into much depth in the descriptions but it’s fun to go through and be reminded of the great games I’ve played, or still need to play!


Two Japanese gems recently popils on my door-door step. Sorry.

I used the recent eBay 20% coupon to sweeten the deal on Popils as it is $$$ expensive.

Door Door (Famicom, 1985)

Popils (Game Gear, 1991)



Ordered a blue N64 for £35 on eBay from Japan to install the ultrahdmi in when I get it. Turned up like this:

Not too happy. Put in a return request yesterday morning and so far no response. I have a feeling it’s gonna end up in a refund from eBay and at least then I can use the innards.

It wasn’t damaged in transit either - packaging was sealed fully and the front bit that’s chipped off wasn’t in the package.


Bummer. I hope it gets sorted out.


That sucks. Typically stuff from Japan is like new!


Yep, and reasonably priced too! Ah well. It’ll get sorted.

Living in the UK means Japan is my only real option for 60hz consoles as US prices are too high…and the JP designs are better anyway!


I’ve actually turned my attentions Japanward for things, too. Since the Super Nt will handle Super Famicom and SNES games, I’m looking at JPN versions of things like Super Aleste/Space Megaforce because cart only on eBay can be around $50-$60 for the SF version while the US one goes for over $100 cart only and more than $300 complete!

I did the same recently for Saturn games Panzer Dragoon (not sure why I didn’t own the original anymore?!) and House of the Dead. I got the JPN releases for like $20 each. US longboxes are ridiculously priced, especially for HotD. I’m pretty much committed to filling any remaining gaps in my collections that I plan to play with either good finds at good prices or just going with the shipping from Japan.

I have to wonder if the current prices are a bubble or if we are seeing realistic values. I tend to think it’s the former, although certain consoles’ games just seem to be locked up on there forever, and no matter how hard you try there are probably less and less of each individual game out there every day.


I’ve always preferred JP to US when buying preowed. For example, the last copy of Yoshi’s Island I bought was £5. Kirby Super Deluxe runs for under a tenner too and then you have games like Super Mario Kart, DKC Trilogy and such which are also dirt cheap in their JP formats

I also have two copies of Kirby Super Deluxe - one that I left untouched and the other one I replaced the game rom with the US version. Works perfectly, also done the same with Super Mario RPG.

I’ve found the same goes for a lot of Famicom games - I got the SMB trilogy and Kirby for cheap, and aside from the obvious (Mario USA) they’re all nigh on exactly the same as the US versions!


I don’t think it’s a bubble, it’s more that certain consoles have become collector’s markets where all sense is thrown out the window.


How well does this work people? I can’t stand uses the buttons for a lot of games that need a dpad?


For most part, it’s not s bubble. Prices may cool for certain platforms but they’re not likely to just collapse in my opinion.


Mario 3 is different. You don’t shrink when you get hit as big mario, you die!


Yeah, don’t think it is a bubble either. It’s an increasingly limited number of items out there with people either buying them to resell or buying them to keep forever at this point. Some parts of it may rise and fall fast, like if a game gets covered by a popular ecelebrity but overall I think prices are just going to go up or stay the same.


Some of it definitely is a bubble, like the price of Stadium Events. But most expensive NES games (for example) have real demand from collectors looking to complete collections. That would of course change if that demand goes away.


I thought you just become small Mario? The difference as I understood it was that taking a hit as a “suited” Mario (eg fire Mario or tanooki Mario) in the NA version just turned you into Super Mario. Whereas in Japan, it turned you into tiny Mario.


That’s how I remember it as well.


oh maybe I’m misremembering. I knew it was something like that though!


Yeah, that is how it works in the JP version. You go right to small from other forms instead of back to super first.


I am chiming in because this is how SMB3 works in NA & JP. In SMB3 Japan If you are Super Mario or Any suited Mario 1 hit takes you to regular (mini) Mario. In NA if you are suited(racoon tail, fire flower etc), 1 hit takes you to Super Mario and the 2nd hit takes you to mini mario.

Youtube Proof Queued up to the 16 second mark.