RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Good to hear these things last!

Lovely package of CIB games arrived from the UK this week, many many thanks to the hunting prowess of @Suteneko who was kind enough to help me out with some UK releases.

I’m really excited to play Dragon Crystal, Aerial Assault and Master of Darkness!

Ghouls n Ghosts was a really good bargain at £29.99!


phewwww what a lovely haul!! i missed ghouls n ghosts (good port) when it was cheap, moonwalker as well and i still really gotta find that one someday.

master of darkness is a solid castlevania clone, dragon crystal is so great if you loved fatal labyrinth on genesis like i did, but fancy dying of hunger more often hahaha

lemme know how sonic chaos is!


Will do! It’s supposed to be as good as the other 8-bit Sonic games, so I have high hopes.

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After recently getting the Fire Shark/Same Same Same Beep set, I was also able to get the Beep edition of Tiger Heli for Switch.


After a few brutal weeks at work I decided to treat myself, picked up these two:

I adore the PAL Zapper colour as it pairs beautifully with the AV Famicom. Going to do the quick and easy controller port mod so I can use it this weekend!


a buddy runs a great shop that recently relocated to lakeland last year (bout an hour from disney), i brought in a couple games to trade and grabbed a few random titles & a neat genesis rapid fire/slow mo dongle while i was there - the saturn one had been on my list for years!




Not done one of these in a long time but new PCB day is the best day!

Real Bout Fatal Fury (MVS CART):

and something I’ve been wanting for such a very very long time…

Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom (CPS2 B Board European) Revision 940113:

It even has its coin counter:

and grommets intact:

Still running on it’s original battery and never been opened:

Will have to break open the seal at some point soon and change the battery to be safe.
That said it is still working after 28 years:

Also never knew you can switch the game into 2 player mode in the options:

Sadly no free-play mode on this one

But damn this is such a good game and my first not Versus Fighter on CPS2!

Now totally got to not buy anything else for at least the rest of this month. >_<


Wow! Some awesome pick-ups there! I think it’s really special when you get a sealed up CPS2 game. I’ve only gotten a couple of them so far. Going to drop an infinikey in there?

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I’ll probably just replace it with a brand new battery like I have done for all my other CPS2 games.

I do have a single Infinikey but I have only really used it to bring dead games back to life with original code and battery so far.

Would cost me way too much to obtain an infinikey for all my CPS2 games at this point.

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I was jumpy about Zanac X Zanac because surugaya’s website had it way below ebay rates but it was pristine! Had all the old advertising cards.


Yes but also RUSHING BEAT!!!

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Nice. I’ve wanted Zanac X Zanac but I don’t want to pay the price it cost these days. Yeah, it’s a deal compared to the West but not a deal for people living in Japan :sob:

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I have all three games!


Oh that’s nice! I only have a Run original cart (oddly)… the rest are on that Brawler Pack reissue.

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My first Evercade games!

There’ll be more cartridges on the way soon. The Renovation collection, Oliver Twins collection and the two Gaelco collections will be mine shortly!

I don’t have an Evercade yet (pre-ordered the EXP Limited Edition), so I won’t be playing these until winter. Gotta be patient…


More Evercade goodness!

Pretty happy with my little collection so far. Next up: Jaleco Arcade 1 and Gaelco Arcade 2!