RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Probably in the same twilight zone as my camera is currently in. Arrived at Heathrow on 7th and there’s been radio silence since then.


Kijiji came through for the first time in a while!

The castlevania collection is coming on slowly but surely!


Damn, that’s a sharp pickup. My box is long gone, but I still have the manual. You need an original SotN next!


Mansion of hidden souls is an awesome game. I had the sega CD version and was the only game that my sister finished (she got far in Zelda LTTP though).


I played Lunacy/Torico (depending on your region) by the same devs and I really liked that and this one was pretty cheap so I’m curious to see how this one is. Fro what I understand the original Sega CD version is the more atmospheric game and some tension was lost for the Saturn version, but I’m sure it’ll still be a fun game.


Sweet Castlevania collection.


Thanks! Ive bought and sold SoTN twice so far in my life. Time to buy it a 3rd time :frowning: I have the ps2 games somewhere as well but I’m debating if the 3d games are even worth displaying.


Regarding Sonic 1 and if US buyers like the PAL cover and find it on holiday or on Ebay: It runs on an unmodded Genesis just fine and in proper 60Hz. No region lock at all.


I was given an old laptop by a co-worker I installed Ubuntu on it and use it for watching MLIG livestreams and it works great for Mame when connected via HDMI.

I picked up some games for $1.50 each at a couple thrift stores:

I was amazed to find both of these monitors for $9.99 each but they work great. I have to rethink my setup a little now as I have extra HDMI options.

There are a couple of other things I need to take pictures.


Is that Iconoclasts? How is the game? I’m playing Celeste now and I had my eye on Iconoclasts as my next game.


First edition Sega SG1000 ‘German’ console arrived. Very rare.

For some reason I also got a SG1000 II Steering wheel…


Wow. How does it play?


D, when are you opening your museum? And can I be the first in line?


Had to go to work so haven’t tested. I can usually fix them though if there are issues. And I’ll restore it visually pretty easily too.

I honestly do have at least an exhibition-level collection of old rarities. Maybe at a convention or something? Wouldn’t know where to start.


I hope you know that if I ever vacation in Australia I am going to have to drop by your place and also buy you a drink.


This is crazy. After seeing D.lo’s post about Fire Rock in the guess the game-thread, I started rewatching Chrontendo episode 32 where the game is featured. Just when i read your post, Dr. Sparkle (the narrator/creater of Chrontendo) mentions that the guy that made Fire Rock also made a game called Mansion of Hidden Souls. What a coincidence.


Heh, so is Mansion of Hidden Souls any good?

Fire Rock is… not-ish. It really hits my childhood love of ‘exploring non-linear hidden underground’ games (Montezuma’s Revenge, Miracle or Arumana, The Maze of Galious, Goonies 2 etc) but it is of course janky like all those second-tier FDS dev games (GOG, Use etc).

I still enjoy it with the jank though, reminds me of old PC games on Apple, C64 etc.


I have no idea as i hadnt heard about it, but it looks decent at least. Fire Rock looked pretty bad yeah, but then again Dr Sparkle often trash games that i like (Zelda 2 comes to mind).


Isn’t Mansion of Hidden Soulss a conpletely different game on Sega CD and Saturn? I seem to remember reading that somewhere.


Yeah, the Saturn Mansion game is more of a sequel. Most people seem to prefer the Sega CD game as the atmosphere was creepier and it stood out as more unique for its generation. I only played the Saturn one briefly and wasn’t that into it. I loved the first game although it was really short and I beat it on a rental.