RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’ve never seen that cover for sonic. Where is it from?


Canadian not for resale version.


Looks good! I hope you didn’t find those on kijiji.


Same as the European Mega Drive version. Lovely cover!

Here is my instagram shot of mine:


Yup, that’s what my copy looks like! Go Canada! Though mine is store bought, not a “Not for Resale” copy… My Genesis still had Altered Beast as the pack in when I got it.

(I have a “Not for Resale” Sonic 2 though…)


Mine came with columns and I cried all Christmas day because of it.


I did find them on Kijiji but Rocket Knight was from Retro Game Bros.

Sonic 1 and 2 (yellow/orange checkerboard instead of black/gray) Canadian boxes looked different from the US boxes, was Sonic 3 also different?


You lucky dog! I’ve been coming up dry on kijiji for a while now! I was thinking of stopping into retro game bros today if I have time. Havnt been in a while.


I got lucky because I looked at the other auctions from the buyer and saw the Wavebird. He wanted $45 for just the Wavebird (which is in really good condition) but took $65 for it + the 4 games. I’ll make you feel worse, he was in Oshawa.


I moved to Mississauga so I don’t feel bad!


Apparently one of the brothers is out of town until the 12th and is supposed to come back with a bunch of stuff so I might stop there next week since it’s only 5 minutes from me. While I was at the store another guy came in and bought a really good condition jungle green N64 + controller which I don’t need but I’d still like to have. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, as far as I know, there were no Canadian variant boxes with the red Genesis logo.

The US-style English-only boxes were always around in Canada in addition to the multi-language ones, at least on the West coast where it’s far enough away from Quebec language laws to matter. It was like that for the Master System as well where it was common in Canada to have box variations except they didn’t make Canada-specific designs since the system had the same name.

Early Game Gear games in Canada often had the European-style packaging, and even some of those were sold in the States according accounts on the internet.


Oh really! Good to know. I like those guys and used to go to their private sales. Hope they’re doing well.


Finally got an N64, and it came with an everdrive! The controllers are in great shape, and it’s got a memory expansion too.

Pretty stoked, and it looks fantastic on s-video with my CRT.

I was pretty pleased with the price @ $130 CAD, which works out to about $100 USD.


Wow, that’s a killer deal. Great score!


Really great deal.

Seeing the expansion pak reminded me that both N64 Zelda games cost me extra money. I got OoT at launch and a week later I had to jump on the bus to go pick up the rumble pak from Zellers because I got the Stone of Agony in the game and HAD to get one. MM made me buy the expansion pak along with it. I preordered it from EB then ended up buying it from Game Shack for cheaper when it released and returned the other one. I actually still have both boxes and the receipts for them, including the EB one that I returned. I even have the little tool for removing the jumper pak and the jumper pak itself in that box. I’ve always kept everything, even as a small child with my toys.


Retro-fair pick-ups. Nothing spectacular, but I filled some gaps at least.


A while back in December I posted that I found a copy of Windjammers MVS for £90 on eBay. Well, it never turned up. Tracking ended at Heathrow/customs and never updated beyond that. I had to get a refund.

Well uh, yesterday it turned up.

Works fine. I have absolutely no idea where it has been for the past two+ months though.

But uh yeah…free Windjammers. Not intentionally though…


The people at customs have been playing it this entire time.


An underrated mix of stuff.