RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Holy crapanoli the beautiful little bastard worked first time.

Here’s the 1984 wheel which will be the coolest way to play Outrun in the world

Aaaaand in more crazy stuff I grabbed some more ‘70s Labos’ including This one from back when Nintendo advertised hard liquor in their products


Now I can party like it’s July 15, 1983 for real!


Yes that’s correct! As far how it plays I have no idea. The picture was taken just after I fired the game up for the first time. I’ll let you know once I have more time to play it.


Really is amazing that Sega managed to launch such an underpowered console against the Famicom on the same day.


Honestly, they released a console equally powerful to the most powerful around (Colecovision) which had launched only months earlier. It even has a marginally better joystick than the abominable Coleco one :wink:

The Famicom was just a huge leap with some crazily forward thinking ideas.


It’s crazy to think how ahead of its time the famicom was. It even has the same cloud save feature the switch has!


Famicom does have save backups via tapes for some games lol, like Excitebike.

(I have the Family Computer tape recorder, it’s such a beautiful piece of 80s engineering too, one of my favourites)


I’m not sure where to put this but you can’t beat free. KOF 2002 is free on GOG right now:



Nuevo retro pickups


I love the “while supplies last” blurb on the supply that they are talking about lasting on the Radiant Historia box.


Nice! Glad to see you grabbed FE:Echoes!

Monster boy is on the way for me as well. I ordered the Asian copy from Play Asia but it never came and they refuse to refund the order!


Yeah, well see if I ever have time for it but if you liked it that much I thought I should give it a go. I’m really hoping they keep the pixel art look for the battle sequences in whatever form comes to the Switch. Also, I wish they would make a new Advance (Switch) Wars game. That series could really use the awesome story telling the fire emblem team has been able to accomplish on the 3DS games.


Man, just a day or two ago I mentioned here that I had been looking for a high-res PC CRT monitor, and while cleaning out an outbuilding at work, here one is (with a friend)!

A Viewsonic A90f+! It’s a 19" Flat Tube, (Samsung as a matter of fact). up to 1600x1200, though I use 1440x1050. I got it cleaned up and dialed in in a couple hours, man these things were filthy. I have to say, aside from a locked green level, the adjustment layout inside the case and on the OSD are some of the best I’ve ever used. After working on cheap Dells, HPs and Gateways, it’s awesome to find a monitor with decent, accessible controls.

Also, I recovered a smaller Mitsubishi DiamondScan Plus 74sb. It’s a 17" screen, only up to 1280x1024 by default, and the anti-glare coating is in bad shape, but it also works! Not the best picture or adjustments available, but the tube is strong and I think the look and external design is the best I’ve seen on a CRT PC monitor.

And then there are games! I try to pick up a couple every payday, here’s Digimon World 3 (probably my second favorite PS1 RPG) with some bootleg art, and Area-51. I had the demo of this one back in the day and liked it, but never saw the game at any stores. For $4 why not?


Got these in the post

The JP Starfox is the “blob” PCB with no way of modification aside from a tiny overclock. The US Starfox is a standard PCB but with no timing crystal, therefore trickier to mod.

My plan:

  1. Desolder the ROM chip from Starfox US, same for Stunt Race.

  2. Swap the ROM chips round and solder. Stunt Race FX PCB is now Starfox and vice versa. Close up stunt race.

  3. Install the 27mz crystal into what is now Starfox. Done! Better framerate and all three carts will still work. I’d probably put the modified Starfox into the JP cart case so I can use it on my SFC and the NT.


I’ve never heard of overclock in the super fx like that but I imagine it works the same as the mega drive overclock. How’s the stability?


Starfox works great up to 28mhz afaik

We shall see when I do it later!


I have absolutely never heard of this. Are there any good comparison videos on YT or anywhere else? Would love to see your results, Rich.


Here’s a video. Pretty amazing tbh.


That’s awesome.

I have a Starfox cart, but I lack the know-how and soldering skills to do something like this. Is there a way to achieve similar results with an emulator?