RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

It finally arrived. Photos don’t do the case justice - it’s gorgeous. No impressions yet as I’m running the updater. I picked up some SNAC adapters as well so I could hit the ground running.


What are we looking at here?

I think it’s a Mister.

The case is super slick, nice purchase!


is that the aluminium case? I think that’ll be my major splurge next month. looks so clean, and although I’m a bit partial to the stock Mister look (looks like some alien contraption when all the lights are on and flashing), this looks like the wah to go


I got mine too. Same case.

It’s pretty spectacular. I’m shocked at how tiny it is. Been playing only arcade stuff with a USB wired arcade stick.

I thought it would be more or less the size of a GameCube. But it’s much smaller. And yea, there’s no perceptible lag to me on my CRT. It’s been great for cave games and CPS2 stuff so far.

It’s exactly what you’d expect - a totally passive analogue reproduction of the original boards. Like, if the original board outputs in 57hz, you can output at 57hz. Yes, you can toggle for 60 if you want, but the option is there.

If the original board had dipswitches, you can access them too.

You can also output an upscaled image with crt filters if you wish too.

There are a ton of options here.

I just haven’t quite figured out how to configure the sound settings properly yet.


it’s incredible and worth every penny when you think about it. how much would it cost to get a supergun setup of your favorite CPS2 games for example? a Dodonpachi PCB? a single Neo Geo MVS cart? there’s no need to with the Mister and you have every game at your disposal outputting in the correct video mode and functionally 100% accurate representation

also I’ve never played on anything with such minimal lag. for example, after over a decade of playing Mario on LCDs via various emulation on Nintendo consoles/mini consoles, it blew my mind to press A on a controller (tried to get one with as low input as as possible) and see Mario jump at pretty much the exact instance. I’m doing maneuvers now that I thought I could only do as a kid on the original NES


Well, nothing for me replaces the feeling of using an OEM PCB/Cart/controller or a real piece of hardware. Like, using Mister isn’t as fun as having a real arcade PCB or… better yet… a real arcade machine to play on. I’ll still collect original stuff when it’s feasible and I want the most authentic experience. But I won’t never trade in my MVS carts for playing those NEO GEO games on Mister for example.

And I certainly won’t be getting rid of my collection. The hardware presentation (i.e. the curves of the consoles, the feeling of inserting a cart, the sounds of a disc drive, the cover art of the games) are all part of the experience.


oh for sure, nothing beats the original experience. a lot of it is prohibitively expensive though, and having everything would take up an inordinate amount of space as well

like when the Saturn core eventually is finalized, I’ll still be using my Saturn until it croaks. if it does though, having the Mister as a failsafe is just awesome. plus you can use your original accessories with the SNAC


Sorry everyone, probably should have included a bit more information (but I was pretty excited for this thing to arrive!)

So yeah, I picked up a preconfigured bundle from misteraddons with analog IO so I could output to my PVM20L2.

I grabbed it mostly for arcade stuff, and man, this does not disappoint. No real perceptible lag, and the video output on RGB looks pristine on my monitor.

I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of my consoles any time soon, but I picked up some of the controller adapters so I could use OEM stuff with my consoles just in case I ever feel like downsizing!


did you notice a slightly dimmer output over analog compared to original hardware?

Not really but truthfully I didn’t really play long enough to notice. I tend to adjust brightness on a case by case basis on my PVM depending on what I’m playing anyway. I’ve seen some of the comparisons where it does look a bit dim but with brightness and contrast knobs on the front of the monitor that’s an easy fix for me.

That said my mister is hooked up via the BKM 129x expansion card so when I get the time I’ll boot up my consoles and switch inputs to see the difference between real hardware and the mister output.

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thanks, I’d be interested to see that

I’m still trying to figure out the difference in brightness on my TV, it’s also hard to set in stone as the contrast/brightness slider doesn’t have a numbered label and it doesn’t increment by each press, but instead by 3. I already lost my ideal settings just trying to switch between it and the Wii once lol

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Finally opened Double Dragon IV. It has roughly matching box art to the original games, better matching the Japanese, but goes fine with the western ones too.

But the manual is Limited Run Games’ horrible ‘western’ art which is presumably designed to match the original US Arcade cabinet? Even though it’s a sequel to the Famicom games?

The game itself is as scabby as the rep. Fun enough I guess but so bizarre that a project like this can be less tightly designed than 30 year old 8-bit games. It’s more sluggish and has worse collision!


Could be worse. It could be like that awful Korean made Double Dragon game on the Xbox 360. Oh my god, that is one dull game.

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LMAO just looked that up

Same bad idea as Street Fighter II HD Remix but even worse lol


Oh no, that is not the one. The one I’m on about is much worse. I’ll do a video about it.

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Wasn’t it called Wander of the Dragons or something like that? Yeah, I’ve only read bad things about that game.

I don’t remember. All I do remember is that it was so boring. I think it was based upon Double Dragon 2.

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LMAO how does it keep getting worse

Looks to run at like 17fps too.