RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

As I noted, I think they have all the stuff I have. I can’t fathom the cost to box these up and send them to them just so they can send them out to other people. We’re talking pounds and pounds of paper.


smh, I somehow completely missed that. Sorry


Delivery from Kyoto this morning…

Nintendo’s entry level Hanafuda deck is called Miyako No Hana, flowers of the capital. It has been manufactured for around a century. This particular deck is brand new and currently in production.

I was expecting the cards to be small and well made, but nothing can prepare you for holding them in real life! There are so many classy details throughout the packaging.

My favourite element is this plastic casing, which makes it easy to protect the cards while travelling.

Looking forward to playing Koi-Koi with my partner this summer!


At what point will I have more Limited Run silver box Konami games than original ones?

Will probably be a while…


Picked this bad boy up, for free!

Sony FD Trinitron Wega KV-27FV310


Great catch! One of Sony’s best consumer sets for sure.


Got Dragon Quest Monsters III and Star Ocean the Second Story R from Walmart tonight. Both were on sale, DQ Monsters III was $30 and Star Ocean tSSR was only $20, amazing deal all around:


I bought an Atari mega STE that needs some work


Needs “some” work :sweat_smile:. Good find though. What’s your plan for the case?

I haven’t decided yet. My options are:

  1. Wait for a replacement case in decent condition to show up for sale.
  2. Reshape the missing pieces with epoxy and lots of manual work.
  3. Look into 3d printing either the original design or something else that fits it.

I’m in no hurry and will work something out over time. There are no scans/models yet of the mega TT/STE case, so that’s an extra challenge step.

I’m happy to report though that the system works!


An original case in black maybe cool.

pretty good day over here!


Damn three great pickups!

MM Amiga version? DOS?

Classic stickers too, going to leave the sealed?

And I’ve been thinking of grabbing a Saturn Silvergun again. Had one years ago, and the price is still decent…


yeah unlike some others, silvergun seems like it stayed around $180-200? same friend had the 1k ninja game (i forget the name, its a fun 2D one) so he was definitely dropping some heavies

i’m gonna open those stickers once i sort where to put them! ive got some other classic ones with these FDS manuals and i just have to decide if they go on the side of the trinotron or somewhere else that’s hopefully somewhat permanent, haha

and MM is the LRG re-release, i mostly wanted the poster & manual as well as that box - my big box PC collection is small but it’s mostly my favorites, sadly the SCUMM stuff is through the roof! years back i lived near this cranky old man running a giant messy swap shop, he had a large PC box collection that was 90%+ old military sim stuff that i didn’t go for, always held out that he’d get like an old fallout or sam & max, just never happened. he did have wizard (the comics magazine) #1 for like a dollar in a bin once, that was cool!

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Picked up another CRT this week, (told myself I wouldn’t :sweat_smile:) but couldn’t let it sit.

It’s a late 90s re-release Brionvega Doney that I picked up for a very low price.



Fantastic choice of game to show it off too, it looks like an item in the PS universe.

I have picked up heaps of stuff recently, will get it up here over time.

One thing is I decided to try the aftermarket/knockoff New 3DS Cover plates popping up. I have original Zelda and Splatoon ones but given the value of real ones is skyrocketing (like $100 for mint condition good ones!) I thought using aftermarket ones would be a good idea to preserve my real ones.

They’re pretty good, the Hanafuda one looks great

Except it doesn’t have printing on the sides.

The ‘original design’ Zelda ones are decent, BOTW/TOTK inspired

Nowhere near as good as my official Zelda triforce ones, but again, not keen to use them anymore!

The plain black and pretty nice because they match the 3DS black.

Unlike the office black which isn’t as dark.

Looking back, yet another stupid thing I did was selling my embossed Mario ones, they were great and now very valuable, oh well.


I also have a lot to show. I made my annual trip to Indianapolis from Philadelphia and hit up a couple new locations and one place I absolutely love to shop at. I found a real gem of a store in Dayton, OH called Vacuums and Video Games where a number of purchases came from. More in a bit…


Got Spriggan and Cotton for the PC Engine:

Also picked up these recent issues of Retro Gamer. Super Metroid 30th anniversary and the Gameboy Advance issue has a 5 page feature + scoring guide on the original DoDonPachi.

And last but not least, a much-needed 10 foot controller extension cable for my Turbo Duo which will make playing TG-16 and PCE games much more comfortable and convenient with my entertainment center set up.


Alright… threatened to post awhile ago and now I have some ok photos to use. Maybe not as cool as Spriggan and Cotton on PC Engine CD, but I do bring the PC Engine and the Turbografx with this post…

First of all, we have all the “portable” games. I put that in quotes because I’ve only been playing the Turbo/PC Engine stuff on the Analogue Pocket so far. I have an Analogue Duo, but with me moving over the last six months or so, it’s been either PC/PS5/Switch or Portable gaming for the most part. I posted recently about a trip through PA, WV, OH, IN… Metal Slug 1st Mission, Kirby Block Ball, and Vigilante were acquired on that trip at Warp Zone in OH. Rastan Saga II was picked up at the last days of the Just Press Play closing sale at their Willow Street, PA store for less than going rate, while the PC Engine games were all from Suruga-ya.com. Military Madness, Victory Run, and Final Lap Twin are recent JPP pickups from one of their other stores.

This next set were a treat to find… Marble Madness and Super Thunder Blade were both minty on the “under $20” racks at nearby Player’s Choice Video Games. Two games I didn’t own where condition was so good I couldn’t pass them up. And when we talk condition… that Dragon’s Fury, which is from Vacuums and Video Games in Huber Heights, OH is MINT! I could not leave it behind. I’ve had a lot of interest in 16-bit Compile games lately and this one wasn’t in the collection. Very happy and just look at those sharp lines! Complete with insert too!

Next up is a lonely Octomania, brand new in shrinkwrap. Was looking locally for a long time for a used one in decent condition. Gave up and went with new from Ebay.

If you’re a collector, now’s the time to really dig into PS3 and Xbox 360 if there are games you want that you think might get scarce. It’s quickly entering the right nostalgia zone for a certain generation of gamer. I have most of what I want on 360, and Xbox is just not my bag for the most part, but PS3 is something I always feel like I slept on to a certain extent. That means I’m hoovering up some stuff and these three were priced right at Vacuums and Video Games, also in damn good condition and complete.

Finally, PS2 is another system that’s quickly getting pricey, with some stuff outrageously up there. I enjoy the Grandia games, and I’m an idiot too, so I never bought Xtreme for like $20 when I could’ve done that. In this case the going rate was ok because that sucker is like new. I also think the PS2 Castlevania games are underrated and don’t own them so started rectifying that…


That’s everything… except for Baldur’s Gate III on PC that I just received for Father’s Day. I also bought a Candy Con from Gamestop that I like a lot. I’m probably taking a bit of a break from purchasing over the summer, but I’m always visiting stores and looking for bargains/minty games. I paid a lot for a few of these, but when they’re like new, it still feels really good.