RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Yeah hard to follow that up lol!

FFS Japanese sellers can be… not the best sometimes.

Super Cassette Vision… Taped up and mailed in the 40 year old original retail box.

Used a hair dryer, orange cleaner and patience and got all stickers and cloth tape off with minimal damage. Really just that bottom right rip.

I sold my SCV as part of my ‘buy a house’ fund in 2018 but kept most of the games, slowly picking stuff back up. I need to make an RGB cable now, ordered some Mega Drive ones to rewire.


legit never even seen this box, that’s so dope!

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Never seen the SCV or just the box?

It’s a funny system, ultra clear flicker free sprites, but sort of Colecovision+ level graphical capability. Nice hardware too.

I also got the re-release of Panarama Cotton

A nice boxed Dynamite Batman, been planning to get this for many years.

EDIT actually I found my post about getting it cart only and planning to get the box in this thread from six years ago lol:

And a bunch of Master System games over the last few months. Some replacements for copies I sold in the past, like GAW. Now I have every single game that supports FM except Outrun 3D, will grab that eventually.


Is Ultima IV in English? I had no idea that existed.

Yes in English. Very accurate to the original and with a really nice FM soundtrack!

New old CRT, set it up with NES for my boy :slight_smile:

I’m ‘assisting’ off camera with another controller :wink: