RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Oh yeah, agreed. Ive made a good amount of SA1 conversions and repros myself. They’re immediately obvious as the eeprom runs on 3.3v and requires a voltage drop-down from 5v.

It’s just been shipped, so we shall see. I was thinking of making another smrpg repro anyway and the parts would cost me almost as much…so eh


Selling repros is illegal on eBay and an easy way to get an immediate refund, and a free repro.


You might as well try but increasingly ebay dgaf.


I love the series and also spent countless hours playing the first game. It was a great deal at $1.00.


I bought a Wii 8 months ago or so, been on the lookout for this since. I never had a GC. The box is kind of meh but it’s cib and the rest is in great condition. $15 at my local independent game store. Only missing 2 now. I haven’t played any of the Prime trilogy, will be way lttp!


I got a really nice copy of Bahamut Lagoon for the SFC in the mail today.


You can use mine as well, though I have a big thing coming on Friday, and maybe I’ll take a pic with everything that day make it easier.


Dreams coming true for me!


Amazing stuff D.Lo! Congrats on having something so coveted.


Alpha 2 is so good!


I’m not into arcade collecting, but I love those CPSII boards… They look amazing, like god-tier carts. :heart:


Nice! Don’t forget you can also use USA b boards with that a board.


My £23 Super Mario RPG purchase arrived today…the one I posted the ebay link for above, where we weren’t sure whether it was legit or not… well, I opened it up. Moment of truth:

It’s fucking legit! Even the label is original too.

what a score.

edit: new battery installed (cr2032 smd holder) and pins cleaned:


That is a magnificent get!


Oooh, very shiny. Nice grab, Rich!



Many thanks to @Socksfelloff for putting me on to these JVC sets.



I recently logged back into an old photo account and it had my FS pics of my JVC D-Series (AV-27D302). Stupid hindsight, I would love to still have it. 2001 Best Buy purchase along with a 5.1 audio system. …I’m still using the same receiver, lol.

  • edit, bonus down on my knees in the reflection haha


I’m cool with two pictures:) it looks like more.


Metroid Prime is pretty damn good. Although you sort of had to be there to really appreciate what a graphical marvel it was at the time.

Nevertheless, it’s timeless so enjoy that first playthrough.


Not the most exciting pickup, but I got some new PSUs for my SNES and PC Engine. I’ve now removed wallwarts conpletely from my setup!