RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


You can do it with a snes classic so I’m sure other emulators can as well


Good point. I have no interest in modding my SNES classic, because ultimately I have better options available to me for emulating (like a media PC).

I’ll look into that, as I think the frame rate on the various FX games is largely what prevents me from really enjoying them nowadays. High refresh rate monitor on my PC has spoiled me to the point that I have troubles really enjoying games on the PC at 60hz.

For whatever reason though, lower fps on a console doesn’t seem to bother me, unless it gets really low like Starfox / Stunt Race FX.


I’ll do the mod tomorrow after work and post the results then (side by side)

I’ve got this now taking up my time


just an update - just did it and it works great! very definite improvement too. Posted photos in the SNES thread:

I’ll do a comparison video at some point tomorrow.


I might look into buying a pre-done one of those lol. It running really well on real hardware is great.

And despite some complaints some have I think the clear NT looks great.


Man, the original SG_1000 IS a rare beast.


Just got a pretty good deal on some Master System games and a DMG Gameboy with games. The only duplicate is Choplifter, so it was a must buy!

I paid $60 CAD (about $47 USD).


Wow, 47 us dollars for all of that is a deal. Congrats on your purchase.


suuuperr metrooooiiid

Just replaced the battery with a cr2032 holder and new battery just like the rest of my snes carts. Wanted a boxed copy, but this one was £15 so eh good enough

I have an SD2SNES but there’s just something about playing the actual cart that can’t be beat. maybe it’s just in my head…


I’ve got CIB JAP Super Metroid on the way as well!

I’m with ya, theres just something about the feeling of the cart popping into the slot and flicking the switch. Seeing the picture come alive with picture and sound. It’s the same feeling when lowering the needle down onto a record.

We are a weird bunch.


There is a minor irony to being fetishistic about using an original cart, which is merely a delivery system for a ROM image, while using a clone console :wink:


The Sega all cleaned up:


Hi Guys. It’s been pretty dry on the gaming pick up images this month that I normally feature at the end of my gaming pick up videos. If anyone here would like me to feature their buys on the end of the next show I’d be more than happy to add them. Don’t forget to tell me how you want to be credited.

So far there’s only two images sent over for the next show due to be encoded next Monday and published on Wednesday 28th Feb.


You can use mine if you want - the Yoshi’s Island kor is kinda unique/rare


Thanks Rich, I’ll add it to the end of the show.


That Yoshi KOR is nice. Only have Allstars.


It’s been a very busy week so I apologize for the dump of pictures here. I used up all of my remaining gift cards and took advantage of various President’s Day sales.

This was down to $22 and came with a controller. It was so cheap I couldn’t say no. Now my son’s gaming station has a Wii, PS3, and a 360.

Is this game as bad as people say? Yes.

Some cheap clearance 360/Xbox games. Croc 2 was $4 and I’ve been looking for a good copy for a while.

Picked these up for $4 total. Now I can play some local Multiplayer again.

These were $4 and they were Saturn games. Why wouldn’t you buy a Saturn game for $4?

Recore was cheap at $13 shipped and Nier was cheap at $20. The projector is from my father in law. With this I’m don’t need any more display for video games. I just need to focus on flash carts/ RGB / and fun.


I just bought this…

Super Mario RPG USA cart, in seemingly fantastic condition for £23.

It’s gotta be genuine, right? If so, good deal?

I’ll be opening it up and seeing if it’s a cheap sa1 conversion…hopefully not though.


Midtown Madness is so so good. I spent so many hours on that game, I knew that city inside and out.


I think it’s fake cause the label is way too clean and the price is suspiciously low.

I say this as someone that intentionally bought a Mario RPG bootleg recently, but you won’t be able to tell based on looking at the board if it’s a translated cart. I could take a photo of mine, you would honestly have no idea other than maybe double checking the part number on the rom chip; a good conversion will look very clean.