RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Is this mad expensive and/or ultra rare? I know nothing about this one but you all have me curious (just for more info) lol.


Yes, it’s pricey. Also a stone-cold, all-time classic.


Thank you all! Yeah this is one I’ve been wanting for a long ass time, and I got an offer for it at easily like half or less than what its going for everywhere else, so I had to grab it. I don’t think its exactly a rare game but its a pricey one that’s for sure, and yeah easily one of the best 16-bit era games.

I wasn’t sure if the original had a white cd tray insert or a different color one. I’ve got some spare white ones I can replace it with.

I’m going to jump into it today, since I’m off from work. I’m still kind of can’t believe I finally have it.


Congrats! I’m really looking forward to finally playing this game after hearing so much good about it.


Of course the cases were broken (fucking Canada Post…)

Appropriately enough, both games adverstise each other on the back.


Man, Saturn cases going in the mail are a total crapshoot. Writing FRAGILE on the box is always wise.


Maybe this should be posted in a “Swag I’m not able to pick up” thread, but I just found my GOAT 19" CRT monitor on eBay, new in box…but $600 and local pick-up only…seller is in Hawaii. :cry:


oops yeah it is white. Or in my case slightly yellowed after 20 years!


A brand new game for the Amstrad CPC! It’s a text-based adventure game with some glorious graphics, which will also be ported to the Atari ST, Amiga, IBM PC and Atari Falcon.

The feelies are cool and they are also clues for some puzzles (aka the best kind of feelies.)

This one disk is so packed that each language gets its own release. This is the French version, the English should be ready to ship in a few days. It’s also a limited release, as it often is for these kind of projects. It’s at www.safargames.fr , get in touch directly with the author to order.


This looks AWESOME. Will be interested in the IBM port. They did a good job, I didn’t realize it was a new game until you mentioned it.


I’ve just had confirmation that the PC port will be VGA on floppies, not a random directx9/emulated release. Eric Safar will now work on the 16bit versions (Amiga/ST) and will do the PC last, if he’s not fed up with it before. So not before a couple years from now.


Slightly OT but I just saw an NES lot for sale locally that is tempting. I am always conflicted on these because I know I could make a little money reselling the items individually on ebay but it’s also so much tedious work to do so. There are a handful of items I want in there, too, meaning I could get them more or less for free. I have made some nice money on lots like this and also just ended up breaking even a couple times and therefore essentially lost some of my time.

Anyone here mess with buying and selling lots?


Done it many times. It’s a lot of work and you end up with a lot of sports games you can never resell. If the deals good enough I jump on it.


Now to wait for a correctly sized battery holder haha


Love that game. Traded and then bought it again later for like twice as much. Never sell your games, kids! Nice pickup!



Got the FDSStick.

The drive belt on my FDS snapped again and that was the last straw.



How long did it last? I’m getting paranoid about mine.


I’ve got one that has never failed for ~20 years now lol. I assume it was replaced before I got it in the late 90s.


This last one lasted 4 years or so. I’ve replaced it so many times I’ve lost count. I mean, it’s a simple replacement, but why bother? There’s nothing special about the FDS unit itself. The FDSStick is a perfect solution. You connect it to the RAM adapter which has the sound chip and drive controller in it, the FDSStick just replaces the data streaming from the disk with data from ROM files. I’m glad to be rid of the disk drive. In fact, replacing parts of my systems that have frequently failed with more reliable options is my new mission in life.