RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Got my copy of Super Adventure Island 2. :slight_smile: Cart and label are in superb condition.


Chibi Robo 3! There’s a translation now so I got it to patch!

I love Chibi!

Unfortunately not many others love Chibi as much as I do it seems :frowning:


Never thought I’d get a CIB copy of Sunset Riders at a reasonable price given the game’s popularity but I guess it was my lucky day. Box and cart labels are in great condition. Couple of creases on the edge of the box but that doens’t bother me too much. Manual is in good quality too. Now my Sunset Riders vinyl won’t feel so lonely.


Can you give an idea what a “reasonable price” was? I’ve been considering this one…


New shrink-wrapped was cheaper than the usual used CIB prices? :man_shrugging: I guess I’ll open it when I’ll get around to playing it!


Sold all my NES classics that I got due to the unreal resale price so I’m glad I finally got one to keep.


Got it for around $105 approx based on today’s conversion rate between gbp and usd. PriceCharting has a complete set priced at $200. Loose cart at $60.


That is an awesome score! Such a damn good game.


Yeah, I was a bit wary at first given the seller had zero feedback but checked that he was selling other items, made sure the listing photos were unique and quizzed him about the item’s history. Made sure to unscrew the cart and it was all authentic. Pretty chuffed with the risk I took.


How is Ever Oasis? I have been tempted a few times to give it a whirl.


I’ve heard good things. There is a demo on the e shop that pushed me over the edge. Grezzo made me fall in love with the n64 Zelda games all over again so I thought it was worth a shot with something else.


Some new Saturn games. Got lucky with Shining Wisdom.


Some recent GETs.

Finally found a decent price for a NIB Dragon Quest 8 3DS, a game I don’t even like and already own 3 different ways and have already played on 3DS. But! My Dragon Quest collection feels just a bit more complete.

Pokemon Yellow finishes off my copies of English GB/GBC era pokemon games.

Also got these:


Nice! I love Red Alert. I remember being so hyped for Tiberian Sun and thenquickly being disappointed. Westwood pushing that voxel technology.


I like Tiberian Sun more than Red Alert, but both are really good. For some reason could never get into Red Alert 2, though, something about it just seems really off.


I like the original CNC more than Red Alert but Tiberian just disappointed me all around. I even replayed it years later to see if it would click and it didn’t. Red Alert 2 was great and had an awesome soundtrack as well as multiplayer.


Yass! Can’t beat a decent PC pick up. Love the command and conquer series. Red Alert was so much fun! Alongside Age of Empires, both were the pinnacle of RTS games back in the day.



Finally bought myself a minty Elevator Action Returns. I’ve been eyeing it for a while now so I figured I just bite the bullet as it’s not getting any cheaper. To my surprise it came with registration card and spinecard too, so that’s nice. ALso got the LE Zelda encyclopedia. It’s gaudy as hell, but it’s a part of the collection now.


It sure is. I kinda like the non collectors versions of the 3 Zelda encyclopedias more since they are more uniform.