RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I was in Philly this weekend but also couldn’t justify spending money on an entry fee just to spend more money at vendors.


It’s why I stopped going to most cons years back. Realized that a big part of them was the merchants room for me and I was basically paying an entry fee to pay more then ebay for stuff that I wouldn’t be able to return. Made it so I only go to events that I have some other major interest in, which I feel is a good thing. I have heard good stuff about Too Many Games though, just haven’t given it a go yet.


Here’s my TMG pickups, detailed over in the TMG thread .

SnbaS, sounds like you had a great con. I really did myself a disservice, and did not have a detailed list of what I wanted, and how much to pay for it going in. i learned my lesson and spent the night in my hotel room writing down a list of some games that I had seen, and wanted, and what I should be paying for them. It paid off for me.

One vendor had spirit tracks for 35, and would not come down to 25. I found it at another vendor, and he came down to 25.

Probably my biggest disappointment was only finding one black label Symphony of the Night, and it was priced at 100. I offered 80, which was about ebay max, and he wouldn’t take it. This was early morning Sunday. I wonder what would have happened if I went back at 4pm. I couldn’t stay all day though, because I had to get home.

I think I missed the HardcoreGaming101 booth. Were they selling books at the end table in the middle? I guess I didn’t know who it was, so I should have paid more attention.


I got a garage. Needs some more work, but it’ll be an ideal workshop for soldering and modding.

Still gotta finish that MVS…but at least now I can work on it in a suitable environment


Yeah I think you saw the HG101 table but didn’t realize it.


Got back from my trip from Vancouver/Seattle/Portland. Had a rummage through the retro video games stores and came back with this alongside some birthday games that were waiting for me on my arrival back. Baseball games aren’t easy to come by here in the UK so I may have went overboard haha. Also bought MLB Slugfest 2004 for Xbox but it’s not in the pictures.


Cool, I live in Seattle. What stores did you go to here?


Both Pink Gorilla stores (International and University districts) and one called Al’s Music and Games. Been to Pink Gorilla before when I came across their stall at Pax 09. Gotta admit, last time I was in the store back in 2011 they had much more interesting stuff. Still a nice place to check out and the staff at the University District store were very nice.


I visited both Pink Gorillas about a year ago. I wasn’t too impressed with either. Super Smash Games in Tacoma is the best one I’ve found in the area but they’re also down in Tacoma so not too close.


That’s cool. Your very own work area. I end up using the kitchen table most of the time which drives the missus nuts.


Thanks for recommending Super Smash Games. Will check it out the next time I go there. Do love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region in general. You just reminded me, back in 2009, I was staying over at Sea-Tac and my friend and I visited this second-hand DVD/Music/Videogame store in Federal Way that sold a Super Mario RPG cart for $40.


A few from the last week.

What’s funny is that I got Mario Golf 64 and Mario Tennis GBC at the same time and now I got the other two at the same time. I still need to clean them.


People talking about getting actual deals at Too Many Games is one of the things that really makes me want to go. I haven’t seen an actual good deal at a con for like a decade. Like I’m lucky if I can convince a vendor to give me even ebay prices.

I don’t know I had kind of a mixed view of TMG in that regard. I saw alot of stuff selling for 40+ % mark up over ebay prices. For example the Turbo Duo 3 in 1, looking at completed ebay auctions its a 50 - 90 dollar game depending on loose disc or complete with manuals. Dude had a loose disc with some of the manuals and wanted like 140 - 160 for it (forget the exact amount). That’s crazy ridiculous. There were plenty of tables selling SFC and FC games for double what you’d pay on ebay even with shipping. Colecovision titles that are 7 - 10 bucks all day, being marked 20 - 40.

I’m not saying there weren’t deals to be found but I don’t want people to have this expectation that TMG is just deals deals deals deals deals. There were definitely some deals, but also some terrible prices as well.


Right, good looking out. I assume the normal “dealers” prices are the same marked up things everywhere since it is their bread and butter. Why lower them when people will pay it out of the excitement of the event. That there are other smaller sellers actually selling things means that you may be able to get a fair price on things though. Bigger events are normally fully booked by “dealers” though so you never really get that anymore.


A 144 pages manual for a 1982 game.


Flashback 25th Anniversary for Nintendo Switch


Some cheap used games



Nice pickup on flashback😀


I missed it the first time around, but not this time!



Same here. The had a ton at the Amazon retail bookstore here. Now I have all four.


I might be buying a loose copy of Super Adventure Island 2 for SNES tomorrow (the one which has action RPG elements and weapons like the series take on WB in Monster Land). A friend of mine recently got it at a pawn shop for only $69 but has decided to sell it as he’s selling off some of his SNES games towards a major retro purchase and is offering it to me for $60. The label is mint and based on eBay prices at the original pawn shop price of $69 it would still be a steal. And yes, he knows how much it’s worth, he’s just a cool guy all around.