RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Elevator Action Returns is such a beautiful game. The music and animation shows why old games often outclass new ones in style and animation. Fantastic pickup.


One of the biggest selling points on getting a Saturn was this game. I really enjoy it. I need to get good so maybe one day I can beat it.


It’s a no joke hard game, or at least that was my first impression the one time I got to play it. I really would love to snag a copy. It has everything I love in an arcade game.


I didn’t finish it yet, but I got to the final mission pretty quickly. I didn’t find it particularly hard to be honest. Really fun game though, the graphics especially are fantastic, so many cool little details all over the place. I’m having a friend over next week to play retro games all day, so I’ll definitely play this co-op then, see how that is.


Just took the shrinkwrap off this:


More switch


Not really a pickup per se, but my original Sony Analog Controller for the PSX, the one that came out prior to the Dualshock, was a little worse for wear. It’s one of my favourite Sony controllers, due to the longer handles on each side, making it really comfortable to hold.

As you can see, the right analog stick is a little droopy. I had previously taken it apart and the plastic that attaches the analog nub itself to the metal mechanism that actually detects input was broken. Unfortunately I didn’t have the broken piece any more…

The culprit! The controller itself works fine, though obviously analog control is busted. With a bit of crazy glue, I figured I could at least get the analog stick attached again. I don’t think it’ll hold up to any play, but to be honest, I don’t really play ANY games on PSX that require analog movement, so by at least reattaching the stick, I can use the controller again without the droopy stick driving me bananas.

And success! Thanks crazy glue, you’ve done the trick! Now what to play…


Nice work! I love little fixes like this. So much better than throwing something out and buying another.


I had one of those, bought in my first trip to NYC. Force feedback on Tobal 2 was awesome, but there was a mode that forced analog support for some games. It was hit or miss, but made Air Combat 2 so much better.


I have a bunch of stuff to post, but I’m on a pseudo-vacation at the moment and snagged this in Portsmouth, NH…


Concave sticks on PS1? Are those aftermarket?


The original dual shock had concave sticks. They changed it when it went west.

I learned that less than a week ago.


This is the “Sony Dual Analog Controller”, which was released prior to Dualshock and has no vibration in it. The Wikipedia article has a great section which outlines the differences between it and the Dualshock:


Yep, not the Dual Shock. The DS is actually the third iteration of the official 1st party PlayStation controller. I’d love to have one of these. Hard to come by.


If the stick is broken anyway why not get a replacement from ebay?


After a long back and forth, I managed to get the Dreamcast. Thanks to @DaveLong for convincing me to go for it.

PS - The Phantasy Star game is still sealed. Probably gonna stay that way since the game doesn’t work without online right?


You can play it offline but I heard it’s not as good. If I’m not mistaken I think there is still a user made server out there but I have no clue how you access it.

You also would need a broadband adapter because Dreamcast is 56k out of the box.


The single player is ok to get your toes wet! It’s a great game.

Online works great with about $60 of additional hardware (DreamPi)

Very worth playing imo (my brother and I do every once in awhile) but it might be different without the nostalgic pull.


Do they have replacement sticks for this controller? This one’s is way different than any other Sony sticks. I’m not worried as this is one I bought brand new back in the day, and it’s nice to restore it rather than junk it.

In other pick up news, I’ve finally joined the CRT club… I blame @Socksfelloff

The new addition to the setup is a Sony 24" Trinitron KV-FS100. I’m finally back in the CRT game. I haven’t done any tinkering with it (other than turn the VM off, which blurs edges), but it looks pretty darn good with 240p Virtual Console from the Wii. Now time to get a SCART to Component connector to get all my systems working with it…

Crappy iPhone shots:


I doubt it but the Xbox One stick is pretty similar in appearance, you could replace both to make it visually consistent, and should be compatible as Sony and Microsoft somehow use shape for the stick attachemnt. Or you could just get replacement sticks intended for a DualShock if you’re not trying to keep the appearance but just the functionality.

Worse case scenario you’re out like $1.