RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I started looking at finishing up my DS library. Figured it would be a couple games I needed but after a buying binge I bought 16 DS games, mostly NIB:

Also want to take this opportunity to complain that we don’t have a DS OT. I was going to post it there before I realized it doesn’t exist :frowning:

Nintendo DS |OT| Everyone Buys a DSi XL

At a random shop and found this tec toy shinobi. I cant even find it on ebay or any info online. Common/rare? Am I rich? I’m rich aren’t i? :rofl:


Picked up a few PS4 games For cheap. Also picked up another guncon. Now all I need is the PS3 gun


“2 MEGA” lol


2 MEGA 4 U


Very cool! I have never seen that before, but I have no idea if it’s rare or not. Jealous, though!


Picked up a few SNES games this week that I didn’t have. Package deal for $60 CAD which isn’t super cheap, but it’s better than eBay prices, and about half the price of the local game shops.

Holy crap my car seat is dirty…


It’s the Brazilian version. Definitely rarer than the PAL one (that was bundled with the console at some point), But I couldn’t say if more expensive. Some people like to collect this sort of stuff I suppose.


Yeah, google translating my way through brazilian Sega wikis tells me it’s one of 4 different cover variants. I think the only thing noteworthy about it is that it found its way up here near the Canadian border.

Otherwise, more vacation pickups. Robo aleste manual is actually just the cover (despite being in excellent condition, the guts of the manual are missing?). It even has the foam insert weirdly enough. Im gonna go on a backlog selling spree after this from the guilt though of buying so much.

(They were on sale tho…) :sweat_smile:


Thrifting still working for me! $2 a game and $5 for the (101) GBA SP (Mother 3 repro was NOT thrifted!).


Got me a NIB DSi LL:


Sorry for the late response. As far as how I acquired it Ebay. It popped up in my search filter and was listed as untested. It came from the seller worldofretro. He’s based in the bay area so he might have picked it up from a flea market or other reseller. It’s a stock Saturn besides the Crystal Dynamics stickers.


Nice. I have one of these and love it.

I’m looking for a normal sized DSi though and am having trouble finding one in decent condition. No one on eBay takes care of their stuff :neutral_face:


Hi, I have a simple fix for this. If white’s not your thing try clicking through here and changing .co.jp to .com when you get to the product page.


I have a pile of new stuff I want to post here, but I only snapped this pic so far…

That’s lamp glare on the cart label. It’s perfect. This was the first cart from Japan that didn’t work immediately. I had to clean the contacts to get it to function but it’s a-ok now!


Random question are all the cheap hagane copies on eBay repos? I remember playing it on an airplane once and was blown away as a kid


I haven’t opened this cart yet, but I am pretty sure most are legit. The Super Famicom version is available in larger numbers than the US release, hence the lower price for cart only. Just be picky about the seller you’re buying from and I think you’d be totally ok.

While it’s easy to play Super Famicom games on a US SNES, most people don’t know that and don’t know what’s involved, so that keeps US prices really high on everything that’s somewhat or actually rare.

If you mean the really cheap ones… like $20 or $30… then yes, those are reproductions.


If you don’t mind me asking where did you pick up Hagane from? See you paid $60 which seems like a really good deal compared to the average price I see.


It was the seller matskoic on ebay. $58 with free shipping before the 15% off. I also got King of Dragons, Aladdin and Great Battle IV from that seller. The communication was excellent and it got here in eight days.


Cheers dude, appreciate it.