RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Got this Windy ATP-300 Supergun last week. Tested it with a (crappy) Pandora multicart board with subpar IQ. Need to look into acquiring a few original PCBs to really see this thing shine.


Finally got these in the mail. I use my Retron to apply english patches to the Famicom games.




I was referring to the sticker on the Saturn in the initial picture. It was covered up so I took and posted a better one.


yeah exactly, how did you get it?


The last Metroid is in captivity etc

Managed to find a box and a cart separately each for cheap for the rare/expensive late cart version of Akumajou Dracula, to make up a set. Maybe I’ll find a manual one day.


I thought I was a big Castlevania collector. Good haul!


No matter how good you think your collection is there is always someone on the internet posting a bigger/better/higher quality collection of the same stuff.


TBF that person is usually @D.Lo


Yeah, fuck that guy. >:C



It’s all hustle, patience and long term planning to make a great collection without spending vast sums :wink:


Went to the Barrie Game Exchange (an hour north of Toronto) and picked up some stuff. The Retro Game Bros card is a gift certificate of left over credit from a few games I traded in that I found at a garage sale ($5 of games = $37.50 of credit). Probably could’ve gotten more if I tried to sell them but it wouldn’t be worth the trouble for a bit more money. There was one guy at the show with two 8" (maybe they were 9") PVMs that wanted $100 CAD for each that I passed on. I forgot to go back at the end of the show to see if I could get one for significantly cheaper. I saw he didn’t sell either of them so if he brings them to the next one (I think it’s in April) then I’ll push him on it.


Don’t bother with 9" imo, it’s way to small to enjoy your videogames on.


I’d only consider one if I got it for half the price the person wanted. For $50 it would be a fun little thing to have.


Mega impulse buy.


PS4 500 Million LE


Somehow I’ve always been able to avoid the desire for special edition consoles, as long as they wern’t mechanically better, but I came close on that. Glad it went out of stock so fast or I would have ended up with more blown cash this month.


I sold my PS4 pro months ago to fund a gaming PC and make the jump. Heck I even think the PS4 Pro is an ugly as heck console…but in spite of that they finally managed to make a version that I think looks wonderful, and is truly limited to boot. They got me :confused:

My list of must play games is Persona 5, God of War, and Spiderman. Turns out my GCU is actually active until December, so I have Spiderman on pre-order.


This finally arrived last week. Working on a more detailed write-up for a separate post.


Looking forward to it.