RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


that’s some sweet art


Some hard off and local games shop pickups. Havent tried the Super Famicom but they didnt say it was brokenand get this, it was just 108y! This is just a backup anyway, at the very least i have a nice replacement shell for my first backup which is suntanned! Im guessing its fine and just cheap cause no cables. GB games were also 108 each, Vampire has no manual but couldn’t pass it up for 250! And Krazy Racers was a nice find I havent seen around before, complete for 990 or so. All in all a great day hunting


A couple of really cheap Famicom and Super Famicom carts ready for fan translations eeproms to be installed.

I’m looking forward to playing through Secret of Mana co-op with my kids.

And Metafight, which was a bargain.

I also caved of a complete copy of Akumajō Dracula X: Gekka no Yasōkyoku, before it becomes too expensive.

My first experience of this game was the Japanese version with an updated translation patch. In my opinion, the tone of the game is significantly better than the English localisation.


Is there a best place to get fan translation EPROMs? I like the idea of putting them in an original cart shell…


You might already know this but usually a broken SuFami can be fixed by just replacing the fuse.


DIE MONSTER, you don’t belong in this world. :smirk:

I actually legitimately love the original localisation and voice acting. That Japanese artwork is so pretty though.


Alas it doesn’t want to work. Powers on fine just no video or sound. TV doesnt even seem to register a change when powering up. Tried cleaning the cart slot pins but i don’t have isopropyl alcohol handy to do a good job. They don’t seem dirty anyway. And doh, my cheap play asia security bit won’t get the tightest of screws out, ill need to get a better one to have a look inside. Wouldnt know how to replace a fuse tho im guessing that’s not it if it’s powering on anyway.

On the plus side, all the games i got work fine and Krazy Racers is especially awesome!


If it powers on it’s definitely not the fuse.


My SFC died recently, and it was the CPU or ppu. Not worth fixing, unless you have a bunch of damaged boards to swap a chip over.

Luckily my mate, who was working on it, had a spare 1chip-01 sfc board which he swapped in for A$30.


@BTails If I’d played it when I was younger, in a vacuum of other options, with a less critical mind, and when my free time was easier to come by, I might have been more forgiving.

All power to you though. I love the original 70s production of Monkey, but it’s super corny, and probably not to everyone’s taste.
I certainly can’t get my wife to watch it with me.

The first half of the game is amazing, and I’d probably love it just as much. But with an un-dub, there’s no compromise.

I’ve also given the hard mode patch a go, and that uses the US version as a base. I recommend it for fans of the game.


Today’s pickup. Awesome game! Reminds me of Blazing Lazers with bunnies.


Daamn, what did you end up paying for it?


Local retro shop (notice the initials on the TMNT3 cart?) had a sale that started yesterday and ends today so I got a few things. 40% off NES, 30% off SNES, 20% off everything else in the store. RoboCop and both Tetris games were in their bargain bin.


$125 with eBay 15%. Label is rough but I don’t mind.


It’s interesting that a shop that specializes in anything retro would purposely deface their inventory like that.

I couldn’t imagine an old book store putting stickers on their antique books or a comic shop hitting up their inventory of old Spider-Man’s with their own branding.

I mean, just put a business card in with the bag at the end of the purchase.


Very nice, that’s a great deal.


Pretty sure they stopped doing it long ago and it was mostly for local game swaps. Most of the time they come right off with no residue left behind (Castlevania had one and the TMNT3 was no problem also) but sometimes they take a bit more work like that N64 Tetris game and Darkwing (bit of glue that came off with a bit of Iso). I just snapped a pic before removing the TMNT3 one because I thought some would enjoy the store is RGB.


Grabbed a couple of cheap 360 backwards compatible titles while out Christmas shopping:

The cases are rough (Castlevania has a crack and LR has a bit of sharpie on top, but the discs and manuals are mint. They literally look brand new.

I’ve played the first two FF13 games but not LR so I’m looking forward to experiencing that in 4k. Castlevania I beat when it launched on PS3 and have been wanting to replay it as I go through the whole series.

I already owned both of these on PS3 :sob:


The NES collection I bought on eBay arrived. It’s mostly commons and staple games (Mario,Mega Man,Castlevania) but I got it for a very good price.


Merry Christmas!