RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Great collection! Time to bust out the isopropyl alcohol!


Dude yeah. These things are FILTHY


Whoa. How many in the lot?


Damn! Nice haul!

I see Mega Man and Mega Man II in there.






Around 250 different games. The standout titles are all the Castlevanias,Mega Mans,Castlevanias,A Nightmare on Elm Street and Stack Up. The rest are common titles,but good games. They arent mint though,alot will have to be upgraded later on. Got them for a little less than $5 per game.

Great deal,but it’ll NEVER beat my Craigslist score of 650 (different!) titles for $1200 from last year,once in a lifetime score. Had to eventually sell it to pay for hurricane damage,hence this collection purchase.


I love that Nightmare on Elm Street NES is finally starting to get recognized. That game is crazy underrated, despite being a Rareware title with a killer David Wise soundtrack.


Nice. I’ve gotta try it out then. Also found a Bible Buffet in there while adding them to gamevaluenow. I don’t know anything about the unlicensed stuff but it’s one of the rarer titles I guess.


Holy crap to get all that at once.


That’s rad!


What a haul. Enjoy!


Talk about game choice paralysis!


Visited my local game store today to see what they had left from their black friday sale. Picked up some random stuff for $1 each. I love $1 games!

The blank is Quackshot, I’ll just make a label art for it.


Holy shit at that Nes pickup!


Those are crazy $1 buys.


Rygar is actually really good


Rygar and that Batman Wii game are both REALLY good and fun.


I remember playing it in the arcade and having to stand on a stool! Havnt played the ps2 versions yet but will soon!