Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking


Have you messed with the luminescence toggle on it? I only ask because I had no idea it existed and played with a darker screen for months - it is easy to miss.


I haven’t. Where is the toggle?

I think my unit predates the one in the photos on their website. I only have 3 switches on the thing, not four. :frowning:

They probably added that after I bought it.


Grab a ps360+ and mod it into a stick.

I recently moved and I’ve been setting up all my gaming stuff but I made the mistake of hooking up my dreamcast. Now I’ve been playing MvC2 and CvS2 every night instead of unpacking!


From the manual on the website:

As a bonus feature, while the EVEN/ODD switch is set to position 1, and the scanlines are turned off
(position 1) Toro can display a darker image without scanlines and when the EVEN/ODD switch is set
to position 2 again, it will display in its normal brightness.”

Hardly a bonus feature, but it certainly is hidden!


Awesome! Thank you!


If you can find one of these, they’re great sticks for the DC.

That one’s in Thailand but hopefully you can find one more local.


I will add this to my to find list.

There is a Southern California retro games con at the end of this month. I am going to try to find a few gamecube games but the big focus now will try to get some good DC games while I am there.

I know I am going to get the following but maybe some of you guys have some other suggestions

SF Alpha 3
Sonic Adventure
Shenmue (beat it before won’t be getting it again)
Power Stone 1 & 2
Soul Caliber
Crazy Taxi
Probably some PS1 to DC games like Spiderman and Tony Hawk and Legacy of Kain games.

It has been YEEEEEEEEEEEEARs since i have had one so give me some good games to be on the lookout for besides Ikaruga and Skies of Arcadia that might break my bank.


I like the green goblin arcade stick as pictured there. But the buttons are a little spongey and not comparable to the real thing. I wouldn’t pay a premium price for it if you could avoid it.


Some great Dreamcast games not listed…
Mars Matrix
Cannon Spike
Dynamite Cop
Tech Romancer (this is awesome!)
Test Drive: Le Mans
Space Channel 5
Hydro Thunder
San Francisco Rush 2049
Project Justice
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Virtual Tennis/Tennis 2k2
Gauntlet Legends
Chu Chu Rocket
Jet Grind Radio

Cosmic Smash
Napple Tale
Vampire Savior

I have a soft spot for Heavy Metal Geomatrix, too. Here’s a now five year old pic of my collection at the time. I think I’ve added some stuff since like Red Dog and others. Most of these were purchased new by me.


Nice collection!!^

So I had an interesting dreamcast related experience.

I bought a DSCV-9913 fighting stick years ago off kijiji for peanuts because it had a busted joystick.

I decided to open it up and see what I would need to do to fit a JLF and some new buttons in there and I found a bit of a surprise.

Whats this? It’s using an interface board…and boy that sure looks like a Saturn plug.

Yup it’s a Saturn plug. Not only does the stick work on a Saturn but the interface board is a Saturn-Dreamcast convert and yup, it totally lets me use a Saturn pad on my dreamcast AND the button layout is correct.

It’s amazing that a product so half ass turned out to be a goldmine for me. What’s with the bubble wrap? I didn’t put that in there and the best part is the sticker on the top of the stick is just stuck over the sega saturn sticker.

Some searching on the internet tells me this was a rebranded Virtua Fighter stick.


I liked this story way more than I should. That is pretty awesome. Does it have a place for the vmu or were you supposed to use 1 of the DC ports for the stock controller?



That is one crazy find inside that stick! I kinda want to look for one now. Lol! I love stories like that. Some companies just get super hacky to sell things sometimes!


Tooling costs are a bitch. Also so is extra inventory. Probably a little of Column A and a little bit of Column B


It’s actually well known that these Saturn sticks were repurposed as Dreamcast sticks by Sega. But the fact that you discovered it the hard way must’ve been an interesting surprise.


I had no idea. After some Google and talking with you and @D.Lo it seems I was in the dark on this.

Nice surprise that’s for sure. Too bad I ordered a saturn>DC adapter from PA a few weeks ago!


Its actually happening.


It’s been a long time coming. Really, it’s something Sega should have released themselves for the hardware.


I came here to post this. I’m starting to think about moving from RGB to all component. Not that it takes a lot of effort to switch between the two on my set up. I just really like their products. The main issue I have is the price of the base cable and having to repeat it for every system unless I just reuse the same cable and swap them (I won’t do this).

That Dreamcast thing is huge. I highly approve.


Yeah ive been bugging em about it since that teaser image like… a year and a half ago? Its going to be amazing. Audio outputs should be featured too right?


I guess I don’t see the big deal with their products. They are just converting RGBs and RGBhv to Ypbpr after the system does its analog conversion which anyone can do.

I guess it’s a convenient cable?