Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking


yeah, ive enjoyed my RGB/SCART setup but if those cables work, that’d be really cool.


We played 4P Power Stone 2 this week STILL SO GOOD.

Would be a perfect for Switch.


It is mildly amazing that Capcom hasn’t found Power Stone 2 in their back catalog and brought it to some current systems. That would be an excellent Switch game.


I remember playing the shit out of Power Stone 1 with friends but never got 2. What I played of it at a friends house seemed more frustrating then the first game though, with a ton more arena transitions and deaths, but didn’t play it nearly as much as the first game so don’t know if it was just bad luck.


I find both games frustrating.


Could be that I had nostalgia attached to the first one since it was one of the early Dreamcast games I had and I played it a ton with friends, while I didn’t have that connection to the second.


Hey, guys. Last week, I bought an used game lot from a friend from work (the same one that gave me the saturn) because there was some Neo Geo CD games, but it came with 2 JP Dreamcast in mint condition (Gunbird 2 and SF3 W Impact). I currently don’t have a Dreamcast, but with those games I’m kinda interested so…

  • What is the current rate for a working DC with controller and a VMU?
  • How can I play those JP games on a US machine? Modchip or those Boot CDs?
  • Must have cheap games? I loved Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally 2 and Virtua Tennis, só these ones are already counted for.


I think $50 is still the typical Dreamcast price. Maybe not with a VMU, but those aren’t bad. You can play imports with a Gameshark. It’s a disc swap. Super simple.

I’ll have to look at prices, but there are a ton of cheap games worth playing. I’ll have a look…


Trickstyle isn’t great but it is Criterion’s first game.
Zombie Revenge is dumb but fun.
Jet Grind Radio is a lot of fun.
Soul Calibur is a must have.
Metropolis Street Racer is the first in the series that became Project Gotham on the Xbox.
Blue Stinger is a deeply flawed game that can be fun.

If you can buy Sturmwind it’s an amazing Homebrew:

You might want to look at buying a US and JPN console as you can find a JPN console cheaply.

If you can grab a Rev 0 Dreamcast as they have metal heat sinks and fans instead of the plastic ones used in later models but it’s not a deal breaker.


I found a local seller that is offering a DC, 2 controllers, VMU, Grandia 2, SA2, PSO S2, RE2 and both Tomb Raiders for $150. Worth it or should I haggle some more?


Hell yes! Resident Evil 2 alone is worth like half that price and they probably have no idea. Jump on it!


RE2, really? When I saw the stack of games, it was the only game that I didn’t care, because I already have the PS1 version.

Anyway, I Send him an offer. Fingers crossed.


Yep… have a look on eBay. $75 and up for sold listings. It’s a steal.

I think it had a relatively low print run and it’s a good port IIRC. I think I own it… Grandia 2 is the best Grandia IMO. You’re going to have a blast. Dreamcast is still right near the top for me. They were heady times to be a gamer.


In grade 8 I dated a girl just to play her dreamcast. She was annoying and I wasn’t attracted to her but I had to play Sonic adventure by any means necessary


My interest in the Dreamcast has been rekindled lately and I’ve been having fun revisiting the console. For me, one of the more unusual aspects about it was the VMU. I struggle to think of another system that had a similar concept: a small, portable device that interacted with the games. (Maybe the Pokewalker idea from HeartGold/SoulSilver is the closest kin?)

The amount of memory it holds is rather small and I don’t think anyone other than Sega could manufacture units with the LCD screen. VMUs feel like the kind of thing that could have been great had the right creativity been put into it. One of my best memories is playing the Skies of Arcadia “Pinta Quest” at work to collect items, then transferring all my loot to the main game when I got home. :slight_smile:

Other than SoA, though, I don’t know of many other clever uses of the VMU. My DC library is admittedly rather small, so maybe there are other examples of good VMU use?


Didn’t some American football games let you choose your play through the VMU, so your opponent would see it?

Or did I just make that up




The NFL2K games on Dreamcast were the best football games ever made because of exactly that. You choose your play on the VMU, thus completely disguising your play call from the other guy sitting next to you. It was brilliant!

The Chaos you could raise in the Sonic Adventure games were fun too. I know there are other things I did with them but it’s been awhile. I have like 10 VMUs and the larger Sega brand save card without the screen and the switching memory banks.


Yeah, that’s a great example of what I was thinking about. I’m not a big sports game fan and haven’t played any of the 2K games, but have heard good things in general. Almost has me tempted to pick it up. :slight_smile:


RE Code Veronica displays your health on the VMU. No menuing required.