Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


I still need to play Albert Odyssey. When I bought it I had yet to mod my PAL console for 60Hz and as a result the real-time cut-scenes were completely out of sync, so I shelved it.

Tell us how you like it!


Would you be playing the JP version? If so that game has crazy high random encounters.


No, US. I bought it years ago when it was still affordable, and when I barely knew about 50/60Hz and console modding, and thus never got to play it :frowning:


Just found a bin of mint jp Saturn games for ~$3cad a peice. All were complete, most with the spine cards too. I’ll post what I grabbed later!


So I got the video cable, and looks like that free saturn has some capacitor fried since it looks that a image will come out but just static, like a NES with messed pins.

Also, disks won’t spin (dead laser probably), so I will consider that as a lost cause since Will be easier and cheaper just to buy a new one.

Legit question, do you disassemble broken consoles for recycling?


Awesome! Looking forward to that!


I keep the broken ones so I can harvest stuff in case the working one needs repair.


Pics or it didn’t happen, Socks.


This guy had so much good shit at really good prices but I didn’t bring alot of HKD so I tried to stick to the cheap Stuff. I got these for $20hkd each.

If I have some HKD left over I may go grab his boxed gamecube component cables for 800HKD.

Edit : I don’t know why the picture is sideways but I’m drunk and tired so im not fixing it!



Haha, love it. Second time I’ve posted that today. RGB is the best board.

Great haul Socks. I have a US copy of Shining Wisdom but still haven’t played more than 5 minutes. We should do a playthrough together.


800HKD is about 80 UK GBP

also 20 HKD per Saturn game is pretty good deal wish I was there :o


Yeah I’d love to play through! I won’t be doing much with that JP version other then storing it on a shelf though lol.

We went here but it was mostly modern stuff. I found this guy around the corner at the “golden center”


I envy you, man. I really want to get to Japan some day.


I believe that’s Hong Kong


Whoops! My bad. Either way… a tour of that area of the world would be super.


Need an opinion on the following games:

  • Riglord saga (1 and 2)
  • Quo Vadis (1 and 2)
  • Gulliver Boy
  • Chaos Seed
  • Steamgear Mash
  • Terra Phantastica
  • Battle athletes undoukai


I spent a lot of time on that one. It’s a cool tactical RPG that’s not too long. I bought 2 but couldn’t get through the Japanese interface. I wish there was a translation patch. I would recommend it if you like tactical RPGs.


Looking to buy a White Model 2 Japanese Saturn. Preferably with the box. Let me know.


Yup, that was Hong Kong. I’m in Taiwan right now and head to Japan tomorrow!


Steamgear Mash is a good isometric game, but I haven’t played it in a long time. Really sweet natured with I think 7 long stages. Feels like somebody mixed Sonic 3d blast and mechwarrior 3050.