The Fall Completion Challenge!


Ride your damn horse lol


Took me 5 months but I finally did it. What a ride. Definetly in my top 10 RPGs. Ending boss wasn’t very hard but I think I was super over leveled.


I dropped The Messenger. The backtracking is truly obnoxious and very much out of place for this type of game. It’s a shame because there were some amazing platforming segments interspersed in the few new areas that open up, but getting to them and finding your way around is a boring slog.

I started and finished Lifeless Planet on Switch yesterday. I was looking to play a puzzle platform adventure with a sense of mystery and foreboding, like Limbo and Inside. It was an okay game, not great, and pretty rough visually and in terms of occasional jankiness. But it had nice atmosphere at times, game moves at a steady pace and when the music came on it was nice and reminiscent of Westworld and Game of Thrones. Took about 4 hours and I’m glad it didn’t overstay its welcome.

Also finished Metal Slug 7 on DS this morning, which I’ve been playing on and off for a week. Fun game, although the scaling down to the DS’ 192p res is noticeable at times. I’m not good enough to 1CC this game or even get through it with a standard stock of continues, but I at least got through it with Fio as opposed to Ralf like I originally did years ago (he takes multiple hits).


You may want to consider Celeste if you haven’t tried it yet. My goty so far


Played it when it came out! Agreed, Celeste is a great game! Did you play through the PICO-8 version hidden inside the main game? That’s pretty solid too.


I didn’t complete that part of the game no. I should have a try at it and get those strawberries


I finally finished up RE2 on ps1.

What a game ! I did Claire A/Leon B because apparently that’s the canon way of doing it. I found RE2 to be alot more enjoyable and far better designed then RE1. When I played RE1 a year ago or so and I felt perpetually lost and had to constantly refer to a walkthrough. With 2 I was able to complete both scenarios without ever checking a guide. The A scenario is impeccably paced and I enjoyed it the entire way through but I could have done without the B scenario. The small amount of new content was welcome but it’s mostly a rehash of A scenario.

Unfortunately not using any sort of guide or walkthrough resulted in me having to take on the real final boss in Leon B with absolutely no ammo whatsoever and without any previous saves putting me in a position to explore for more ammo so with my deepest regret I had to YouTube the final ending of Leon B.


I should mention that Lifeless Planet seems to have screencap disabled, which is a pretty dumb thing to discover. There were at least a dozen places where I wanted to take a photo to “chronicle my journey” across the near-desolate planet. I fired off one pic from my phone which didn’t really capture the look of the scene without some tweaking.


We’ve chatted a bunch on this topic, but Resident Evil 2 is still my favourite of the series to this day. It really takes everything from RE1 and just elevates it to a new level: story, presentation, excitement… while not as difficult as the first game, I just find it so much better overall. Plus, it introduced my favourite protagonist of the series: Claire Redfield.


Yeah, I played RE2 on Dreamcast in July. One of my favourite games I’ve played this year. It’s excellently paced and fun throughout. I think RE1 achieves more sense of dread, fear, and feeling lost, but it also is a little more frustrating as well. Your mileage may vary which you prefer but both still hold up great (RE2 especially so). I need to play 3 soon.

Also, I’ve been working through Divinity: Original Sin 2 on PS4. About 60 hours in (lol). I’ll post detailed impressions once I’m done.

Also, no credits song posting, @Socksfelloff? For shame! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m getting nothing done.


I just beat the first Devine beast and I’m about 30 hours in. Taking my time. So easy to get distracted…


Just go with the flow man. It took me 125 hours to beat all the shrines, get all the gear and complete every quest and I can’t wait to replay the game in mastermode with all the dlc !


I was tempted to get botw next after beating Xenoblade but I’m not sure I want to dive Right into another 100 hour game. Might get Mario Odyssey first.


Well, I played SMO for over 80 hours so … yeah. Can’t believe I put that much time into it. And I didn’t even play the last two hard worlds at all. Game is packed with content and it’s so much fun to just play around.


It is a great game. I just wish it had more linear platforming areas


Even though I enjoy both styles I really hope we get another of the more open Mario 64 style game before they go back to the linear Galaxy style. I do want both though. People have their various opinions on which is best and sure I have my preference as well but each way has it’s appeal to me. Also continue with the “3d land/world” games and straight up sidescrolling “New” ones as well.


I want to live in a world where we have new entries in:
2d Mario
3d land/world Mario
Open Mario
Galaxy Mario


I think another SMO style Mario could be all of those things if it’s ambitious enough. They don’t really have to choose between styles if the can fit larger scale linear platforming levels within that open world as well as Galaxy style planetoids.

Plus, they could expand the 2D portions of the game and flesh them out too.

That’s just my humble opinion though.


I’m sure they could make a game like that but I think I like it the current way more. I enjoy each of the game styles individually and don’t really feel the need or desire to mix them. That’s not to say don’t have linear portions in an open game or vice versa, but rather don’t use that as reason to not make another more linear/open focused entry.

I mean the more open levels in Galaxy just left me unsatisfied and wanting. A few side scrolling levels doesn’t make me not want another “New Super Mario Bros” game. Think the full game of the same style is more important with the 2d side scrolling ones since while I like the 2d focused segments in the 3d games I really don’t think I’d want 3d segments in the 2d games, nor can some 2d segments replace the desire for a fully 2d game.

Course this is all just me. The way I want them to be ambitious with a new “exploration” 3d Mario is even more openness and depth. As in a bigger world with interconnectivity that is still able to keep the feel of “worlds” without the separation between them. They are able to do that with adventure games like Zelda, but has anyone been able to do that with a platformer?