The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


It’s emulation (was made by Terminal Reality, the same developers as the US PS2 version of that KOF collection) and it has some issues. The final notes of the ending theme of the first Metal SLug don’t play and the “difficulty setting” for it don’t actually work, hit flash graphics problems (I heard removing the hit flashes this was mandated by Nintendo but the collection is not at all consistent with what keep its hit flash and what doesn’t, and the first stage of MS5 has a particularly eye-raping instance) , etc.


Retro Core’s Chinese Knock Offs series is back and starting of 2018 we have a system that looks like a PS2 Slim.


Clone consoles are so weird to me. I’ve never owned one and for the current Retro scene, can’t understand the appeal.

I’m sure back in the day they were the only way to play in certain regions of the world, but today… I don’t get why they’re still made outside the high end Analogue NT type systems.


Man, that controller fell apart like an oatmeal cookie. :open_mouth:


Because people are dum. Just look at every day political life. :neutral_face:


Back in the day clone consoles were interesting because they used real hardware. Now theyre all a NES on a chip. This results in most being identical in terms of performance.


It fell apart far easier than I thought it would.


Looked about as sturdy as a LABO controller.


Manly man, strong man!


It must have been all that spinach I ate :slight_smile:


We are sticking with SNK on this week’s Battle of the Ports as we take a look at The King Of Fighters '96.


Still my favourite one. To me, it has that perfect blend of art, music, characters and stages, making it the ‘to go’ episode, every time I turn on my Saturn and decide to play some KoF.


I Have to admit that I also have a soft spot for this game.


I love that Psycho Soldier song with all my heart.


They claim it’s part of the Nintendo Classics Mini series. But is it really?
Is it just more junk or an actual quality product?
Well, the box is a good sign for sure and it is by Cool Baby who normally sell quality items.


I can’t get over the name “Cool Baby”

this actually looks pretty cool, tempted to get it…


Sometimes clones were cheaper - especially for kids who had parents that couldn’t justify paying premium prices for single purpose consoles - and more available in specific regions than the official counterpart. I wouldn’t buy a clone console these days but my appreciation of the NES/Famicom console and games library mostly stemmed from clone consoles I was given growing up.


They battle through time to rescue their comrades. Sounds like the plot to a cheap Sci-Fi Movie. It’s Time Soldiers from Alpha Denshi.


The Chinese have gone and tried to make a SNES / SFC Classics mini in typical style.


I just want to chime in and say that I really appreciate your channel Retro Core! I’ve been watching quite a lot of your Battle of the Ports videos! Great work!

Do you mostly live in Japan or England?