What are you playing? (Modern Gaming Edition)


I decided to hold off for the Switch version too. Hopefully it’ll be good, I suspect the devs were waiting for Unreal Engine 4 to get dynamic resolution support (which it did shortly after Fortnite’s Switch launch) since the load on the system is going to be highly variable based on camera angle and location.

I’d like to hope that Dragon Quest XI received a good opening based on the NPD figures but I wonder if Square Enix sees it that way. The NPD figures are based on dollar revenue, and while it sounds great that it achieved double that of DQ IX, that’s probably not too difficult considering the gulf in retail pricing between Nintendo DS software (~$30) and PS4/PC software ($60). So it probably had a similar launch in unit sales to DQ IX, where I get the impression Square Enix saw that as a flop despite a huge marketing push from Nintendo.


The soundtrack is so good!

While I loved Twisted and (less so) Touched, it really did feel like the first WarioWare was a product of development circumstance - it was the only one from R&D1 before the group was disbanded and reshuffled into new teams. Later WarioWare games doubled down on the silliness when WarioWare Inc. took regular breaks from it to let the player experience something a bit different from time to time.

I’m hoping Gold recaptures some of the extra magic of the original game - the only one in the series that I feel is more than the sum of its parts. Will be interested in your thoughts as you progress.


Truth be told, I would want the 3DS version over the Switch version. I have almost all of the DQ games on a Nintendo portable. If the switch does get the game, i hope they include the choice of PS4 graphics, pixel art and chibi style characters that the 3DS got too. The game is so beautiful on the PS4 but I have grown quite fond of playing my DQ games on two screens.


Been replaying Prey (2017). I’m still amazed we got a proper System Shock successor. I’m a fan of the Bioshock games but they went too far with making the gameplay accessible to the masses, and didn’t have the same challenge or item conservation strategy.


I rented the new CoD Black Ops, and then found out it only has multiplayer. Meh.


I’ve been giving the PS4 some love lately. Really like the Yakuza 2 remake, and I can never get enough of Garegga. :slight_smile:


I’m hooked on breath of the wild


Enjoy. Love that game.


Yakuza is my jam. Love it. I have all of them, and most of the japanese versions as well.


That’s great tron, I have all NA releases but obviously missed out on Kenzan and Ishin… How I wish they would get translated…

Did you play those Japan exclusives? If so, did you use a guide? I’m very curious as the possibility of ever playing them in English seems slim unfortunately…


No, I just bought them. I can’t read or speak Japanese. I love the series so much I had to buy them when I was in Japan. I also got one of the psp games.


Just started Silent Hill: Downpour. Cool so far.


7 Billion Humans and Human Resource Machine on the Switch. Still can’t finish off the latter, and I was quickly stumped with the former. I wish it only showed you the optimisation challenges after you’ve beaten a level once, otherwise I tend to spend an hour or so on each level deliberating over slimming down my programs instead of just being content solving the problem.

I had a similar issue with the 3DS followup to Hydroventure/Fluidity, where the time attack requirements kept pushing me forward when I could have been taking my time exploring.


Took advantage of the steam sale to add some new routes and locos from my wish list to Train Simulator 2019. (GEML London - Ipswich, Portsmouth Line & Class 66 Freightliner)


Don’t be so stingy, just buy all the DLC!


Woah… $5k in dlc. That’s pretty messed up.


It’s not really something that you would want to buy everything of, if that makes sense, a lot of the DLC is made by individual companies and enthusiasts that make their own skins for different rolling stock, so if you liked a certain locomotive you can buy the skins that you want for that model.
I’m only interested in UK routes and diesel locomotives 1970’s up to modern day, so all the non UK routes and steam locos are something I would never purchase.


Night in the Woods rulz ok


Messed up… or a world of content just waiting to be discovered!?

I played a couple hours of the new Call of Cthulhu game. It looks rough (like Bioshock 1 level visuals in places), but I like it okay. Not sure It’ll hook me to the end but it feels appropriate for the source material.

Other than that, I am really torn about grabbing the new Spyro remaster on PS4 or waiting for a possible PC release in a few months.


I’m about 70% done with botw. This is hands done my favorite Zelda game. Might be in my top 10 games of all time.