What are you playing? (Modern Gaming Edition)


I’m also still playing Zelda. Since the early fall! Just doing lots of stuff and putting off the fourth and final beast since I don’t want it to end. Still haven’t even attempted to take on a Lynel!


Playing Monster Boy. Great game.


I wish I could get into Monster Boy, but for some reason I always end up switching it off after 5-10 minutes. Just made it past the icy caverns. I think I’m burned out on this style of game which is a shame as it’s by and large pretty good.


Downloaded “The Gardens Between” as it was added to Xbox Game Pass, really enjoyed it, good level design & a great soundtrack although it was quite short (completed 100% in about 4-5 hours) Worth a look if you like puzzle/problem solving games


I’ve been getting my true 4K goodness as of late. I’m done with Red Dead Redempion 2 now and went back to NieR Automata to tidy up the remaining bits I missed. Now up to level 80 on that game. Also, just started Just Cause 4. The Xbox One X is getting quite a workout these days.


Picked up The Witcher 3 GOTY recently but I hadn’t sunk my teeth into it until I had some time off over the holidays, and boy am I glad I did, because I got myself a ps4 pro for christmas. Really enjoying it, but these days I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll be chipping away for a while on it.

Also picked up Spider man and my wife is really enjoying watching me run through New York City. I probably won’t get too serious about it until witcher is done.

Also picked up Smash Bros Ultimate and just completed unlocking the roster. Can’t wait for the DLC reveals!

And, because I have an endless backlog problem, I also grabbed Destiny 2 Forsaken. I stopped playing D2 before any of the expansions dropped, so just getting my sea legs back. I will probably play this when I need a break for the witcher. I really enjoy the Destiny series so I’m happy to have more single player content to chew through.


I just made it to the end. My GOTY.




I started Celeste the other day since it’s free with Live. I’m digging the game, but I think I might drop it and grab it on Switch. A game like this I can only play a couple screens at a time so this seems to be a better fit for me on a Switch. Also, I don’t mind supporting Indie developers if they’re making GOTY quality games.


Monster Boy is finished. Next up Smash and Mario Odyssey.


Mostly arcade stuff while I still can - been addicted to Project Diva Arcade and Chunithm most evenings, and I played Sega GT until I finally won a tournament race.

I also picked up the Pinball Senran Kagura game (Peach Ball). I’m a sucker for pinball, though this one is merely OK.

There are two tables with three variations each, but they don’t really have enough variety to make a long free play game engaging enough - I wanted to lose all my balls just to stop playing.

That said, I’m happy these games can still be made - and shipped in a box! - even if they have licenses attached to them. Developer Tamsoft previously worked with Hudson Soft on Alien Crush Returns for WiiWare.

  • Tetris 99: Brilliant new take on competitive Tetris that is a lot deeper than I thought it would be. It gets super intense when several opponents start targeting you to send garbage blocks your way!

  • The Messenger: I’ve yet to play this for more than an hour over the last couple of months, but I’m enjoying what I’ve been playing. Some cheap deaths here and there, though, and it doesn’t really feel authentic even though it has Ninja Gaiden NES-like visuals. There’s noticeable input lag and the loading screens seem out of place.

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Refreshingly old-school Fire Emblem remade with a few modern sensibilities and visuals. Three Houses looks even worse than I thought it did at E3 now, so I’m relishing a back-to-basics Fire Emblem while it can still exist. An interesting remake.


Recently finished Resident Evil 2 remake in just over 8hours. I can’t beleive how short it was. True, I still need to do Jill’s campaign but that’s basically the same game with some new routes. Also finished Kingdom Hearts 3 in just over 35 hours. Now that’s money we’ll spent. The square original character sections bored the shit out of me mind you. Overly long explanations and tricky to follow story line. The Disney sections however were fantastic. Playing it in 4K on the Xbox One X too is the way to go. Some sections look as if they’re lifted straight out of the CG movie. Even some sections of the Pirates of the Caribbean stage look life like.


Jill? You mean Claire.


Err, yes. Just shows how much I follow the resident Evil story line :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it’s prety much cliche at this point, but I honestly believe BoTW is the best open world game I’ve ever played. I’m glad to be done with the main story, but I’m not done playing yet.

I’m a slow competitionist/exploration type player, and I really dislike fast travel. I feel like it detracts from the experience, and I get to travel and explore a lot more when I don’t use it. I discover and see things that I would have missed otherwise.

That said, open world games often get boring by the time I’m done. I get tired of the same old encampments, and the same old boring side quests, and the same old “climb this tower to see this area of the map” mechanic.

Somehow, BoTW never felt boring. I’ve put in probably 250+ hours, and I’ve now killed Ganon, and I’m nowhere near tired of the game.

Fantastic job by the devs…


I wish I could re-experience BotW anew - but I still really enjoyed returning and discovering new things to play around with in Hyrule when the DLC landed last year. The physics and chemistry systems are great, but what really stood out to me was how memorable such a massive world was, from the land formations to the landmarks. When I was engrossed in the game I loved being able to get a feel for where I was in Hyrule just by looking around instead of opening a map.


Been playing the following:

Resident Evil 2 - Loved this remake. I’m nearly done the B scenario, and looking forward to some of the bonus modes that get unlocked, including the free DLC that dropped last Friday. Going to play around with all the great costumes. My one complaint would be that the music is practically non-existent. Thankfully there’s an option to listen to the OG OST while playing.

Apex Legends - Every week I have a games nights with a couple friends a province over, and for a year we played Pubg. Then we had a couple months of Blackout in Call of Duty Blops 4, but have just moved over to this. It reminds me a lot of Halo, but Battle Royale style, and that’s a super good thing in my opinion. Very addictive, especially with a shorter game time than Pubg, it’s easy to play “just one more match” for 2 more hours.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy - Just finished this one. I’m a huge fan of the franchise, and the climax / finale was insanely impressive, maybe Uncharted’s best set piece. It’s as if they said “Hey, I bet we can outdo the train sequence from Uncharted 2 now…”. Naughty Dog continues to be a leader in believable characters in games.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - After finishing Uncharted, my wife and I started Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Only played up until the open world begins (so about an hour), but the opening sequence was pretty impressive. Looks gorgeous in 4k on the Xbox One X, and the plot set up so far is better than the first two games in the reboot franchise. Looking forward to digging into this one more soon.


been playing a lot of Tekken 7. Been a while since I had this much fun with a fighting game. Also just picked up South Park on Switch. Plan to play it when I get some free time.


I have played a few hours into Red Dead Redemption 2. There’s a bit too much talk/riding slow parts but the detail’s really impressive. I just hope they fix my biggest issue with the first game: being overpowered in gun fights.