What are you playing these days?


I found a really cheap copy locally. See the pick up thread for more details. If you ever have a chance to play it do it!


I’m trying to play more shmups lately, mostly 8 and 16 bit.

On NES last night, I played Gun-Nac, which is really easy IMO because I’m terrible at shmups. It was fun though. After that I played Recca which was quite the change of pace, lol. It seems fun but was pretty overwhelming after playing Gun-Nac.


Cosmic Star Heroine. There’s some jank in here (NPCs keep walking off when you talk to them, some attacks missing sounds) but the battle system is fun and user-friendly. Doesn’t reach the high point of indie RPG that is Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden, though I haven’t play Undertale yet.


I just started Garfield: caught in the Act last night, it’s not a bad platformer. It has great art and animation but it’s a little unpolished overall.

My main squeeze is ZAMN. Been playing through to see how far I can get. This has to be one of the hardest games I’ve played in a long time.

I also started on Pillars of Eternity 2 last weekend but I don’t know if I’m gonna play it very far. It’s just hard to get into these big RPGs with limited free time, even though I want to.


I’m playing get the house in order and get packed for the annual trip to Indiana this weekend for the 500. Might have a little time to game tonight, but the majority of the gaming this week will be done by my kids on the 10 hour ride!


That first boss gave me so much trouble lol. It certainly is a nice looking game though.


I actually got to the first boss and had no clue how to hurt him! I’ll try again tonight.


I just finished Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap on the Switch. I never owned a Sega Master System but my next door neighbor did. I am so impressed with that they did to that game. The gameplay holds up really well. I hope Lizardcube gets a chance to remake more games.


I just finished as well and never played the original. The game looks and sounds amazing. I would love to see other games done the same way.


Totally agree.


Been at the pc engine version of wonder boy in monster land. ie Bikkuriman world with eng hack


I am still not done with God of War yet but I got on a huge Super Nintendo kick. I’ve been way into playing Mega Man X lately and I haven’t had a strong desire to play any games on my PS4.


Mega Man Legacy 1&2 Collection on Switch (currently playing through MM 2 on Difficult mode and MM 8), Link’s Awakening (on my GB Light system, my fave way to play OG GB titles), Magical Chase PCE, Parasol Stars TG-16, Salamander PCE and:


Pics of that imo.


I was going to take a few pics of the GB Light as well last night but was too lazy (not to mention mentally fatigued after the circus of incompetence and dirty reffing that was NBA Finals game 1), will get some posted tonight.


Here are some pics of my GB Light system and Link’s Awakening, I keep the power light covered for extra eye comfort:


I’ve been traveling for work recently so I’ve been playing baseball stars 2 and Neo turf masters every now and then. Started playing Super Mario Odyssey yesterday.


I’ve been playing a mixture of old and new recently. Picked up Kingdom Hearts 2 a few weeks back which I’ve been enjoying. Half way through Aladdin’s world now. Not long to go before I finish the game.

And since I saw Deadpool 2 the other week I’ve started the 360 version of Deadpool again for it’s second play through.


I’m revisiting yoshi’s island for a few minutes here and there to try and get my save file to 100%


I’m playing YI right now as well for the very first time. It’s good but it doesn’t come close to SMW to me.