What are you playing these days?


That’s great, thanks!


Playing two of the best SNES shmups ever this afternoon.


Love the gradual charge beam (weapon type 6) on Mega Force!


Don’t know why but beam type weapons are always my favorite in those kind of games.


I just spent the entire afternoon playing Sega light-gun games on the Wii. I started off with Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns. I played them only once back when it was released, but I’ve since forgotten everything about them. Fun games, really fast-paced and twitchy, but fun. They really don’t have much depth to them though, no reload, no power-ups (I didn’t see any anyway), it’s just a rollercoaster that’s out of control while you’re shooting robots. Fun for a casual playthrough every now and then, but not much more.

Then I played Ghost Squad. Goddamn his game is fun. I never really put any time into it, but I ended up playing it for about 2 hours just now. Like all Sega light-gun games, it’s cheesy as hell, but there’s some real depth to this one (relatively speaking of course). You can unlock new weapons that change the way the game is played, but you also level up the missions themselves which can give you new paths to play giving it some serious replay value. The game also pretty often presents different (but very simple) things to do. Most of the time you’re just shooting the bad guys, but every now and then, you rescue hostages or use a sniper-rifle, or defuse bombs. Stuff like that only takes seconds, but it really breaks up the action.

I’m pretty sure the game is dirt-cheap, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of light-gun games.


What’s also great about this one is while you’re charging it up you can use the swirling charge effect as a front-facing shield to kill enemies that get too close until you’re ready to unleash the beam so it’s like two weapons in one.


Last night I started playing Linkke Liver Story on the Saturn. It’s a pretty good action RPG with quite a few polygon effects and transparency effects. It’s very pretty for an early Saturn game.


Do you know that Space Mega Force is missing a load of content over the Japanese release?
It does have cleaner voice samples though.

Stuff missing includes half the intro, ending are, music track, difficulty settings and I beleive a game mode too.


I knew about the story scenes and voices, didn’t know about the extra difficulty setting.

“ending are”

It’s missing a level?


Just downloaded and played over an hour of Shadow Warrior. So far so good. Seems like a competent shooter. I really liked the first game. Humor seems on par.


Recently smashed through Steam World Dig 2 on Switch. It was every bit as enjoyable as the first for me, even if they are a bit easy, they’re fun. Now I hear they’re re-releasing the first one… wouldn’t mind another playthrough to be honest.


Haven’t played much for a while, but almost finished The End is Nigh.

I forgot how addictive these sorts of games are. It really is like a retro game, but with modern conveniences like auto saves.

And Rich Evans.


I have one more sheep left to catch in Looney Tunes Sheep Raider.

I also finished Champions of Norrath recently.


I started Read Only Memories 2064 a couple of nights ago on my Vita. And to be 100% honest, I’m not enjoying it as much as I hoped yet. Maybe it’s just a really slow beginning, but the game hasn’t really grabbed me. I’m still not fully into the mystery yet, so I’m hoping it picks up. For now, the constant allusions to Snatcher are doing the game a great disservice, because it just reminds me how good that game is.

The music is very catchy though, and the voice acting is pretty decent. Graphics wise, it’s okay, but it looks terrible on the Vita due to non-integer scaling (even in the text, blech!). And performance on Vita is awful too, the game feels unresponsive, despite being a completely menu based control system, and loading times are bad.

I’m going to continue on with it, though if the story doesn’t pick up soon it might get dropped.


Since Christmas it’s been Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for me on the Switch but more recently I have been playing a bunch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It’s a really solid, complete package now. I think it’s well worth the $40 asking price and yes, I paid $60 for the original two years ago. I have it on PC and PS4 now.

I just replaced my PS4 with a PS4 Pro so I hope to spend some time mucking about with Horizon again soon to see the graphical upgrades. I also have Dragon Ball FighterZ to bust into.


I am playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch and Monster Hunter World on the PS4 Pro. I don’t know if I will ever finish XB2. It feel daunting. Why a game like Monster Hunter, or Diablo ro whatever doesn’t is that there is always something to do and you can put as little or as much time in when you play that you always feel that it was worthwhile. This is why I love arcade games too.


I felt that way for awhile and then realized the best thing about XC2 is you can play it like a portable game. Suspend, come back, suspend, come back… for the most part the game does an excellent job of keeping you on task for the main story and if you want to do other quests and other stuff, it tracks that really well too. Yeah, it’s big and long, but it seems to be worth continuing on.

I can play it for 15 minutes and feel like I did something. You just have to adjust to using suspend to pick up where you left off instead of thinking of it in chunks like JRPGs often feel.


I all but quit console JRPGs. I just can’t do them anymore so playing on Switch was nice because of the suspend feature. Even playing 3DS & Vita jrpgs were always troublesome because often the suspend features would kill your progress if you left it alone for too long.


I hear you. I struggle with them too, even when I really enjoy them, especially retro stuff that I never caught the first time around. I absolutely love the suspend function of the Switch. It’s awesome. XC2 also lets you save anywhere so it’s rare that I have far to go to catch up on the current quest either. They really got all that stuff right, which is why I never feel overwhelmed by it, and man, it’s often really pretty, has fantastic a musical score and I enjoy the optimistic outlook of Rex and his band.


I beat Metal Slug: 1st Mission last night after setting it aside for a very long time. The real challenge is finding the exits or achieving the conditions to go into missions outside the normal game progression. Maybe I only saw half of them IIRC. I unlocked a second character and may finish and see if I can get into any missions. Or if it doesn’t continue to grab me I may move on to 2nd Mission!

I played on a frontlit NGPC, which obviously isn’t great but it gets the job done and beats struggling to get enough light on the screen to see anything.