What are you playing these days?


I can’t get into that game. But I do like seeing 8bit versions of of Metal Slug sprites along with the 8bit soundtrack.


Same, beating it was almost accidental! I set it aside for at least a year and due to looking around for really well-made frontlit GBC and backlit GBP, I busted out some of my current modded handhelds to mess around, take pics, etc. I sat with the NGPC for a while and just sort of strolled into the end after not too long.


Been playing nothing but SNES/NES oldies and Xenoblade 2 recently…got to the final battle in Xenoblade at the end of December, put it on hold for a bit, now I’m just ploughing through sidequests. There’s absolutely shitloads to do, and I haven’t even touched the superbosses yet. Even just raising the affinity of each character is a big job in some cases.

current playtime/level - and the playtime matches what I have on my Switch play log:

Current rare blades:

only missing a few now…one of those is obviously kos-mos :frowning:

looking forward to the NG+ mode later this month but my progress had better fucking carry over…


Rich, I know you were a big fan of the first XB game. How does XB2 compare?


It has far more significant lows, but also far greater highs. The story in XB1 kinda grips you from the go and doesn’t let up, whereas XB2 is a bit…all over the place.

But the core exploration and wonder of the world is still there, the battle system is fantastic and the music is even better. And…uh, without spoiling things, the final chapter of the game was all an XB1 fan like me could have asked for, ties directly to the first game and makes XB3 a real possibility…

In any case, I hated Xenoblade X. Loved 1 and 2. And no, the extra weebage/animuuuuu doesn’t bother me either

Oh and the voice acting is just like XB1 mainly helmed by us Brits. You have full on Welsh (Nia and Gormott people), heavy Scottish (Morag and Ardanians), Manc (Rex, sounds like Karl Pilkington now and again) and so on. All the blades are American accents though.

Doesn’t quite stack up to Reyn time, Danny dyer’s wife in EastEnders and Jenna Coleman from Dr Who in Xenoblade 1 though!!!


I can’t wait to start XB2. Been working on Zelda finishing it up finally though and think I need something lite to knock out between the two games though.


Still cruising through Zelda. I’m at 105 shrines and still running around. Downloaded and have been playing Shadow Warrior because it’s free for the month of February on Xbox live. Feels like a 90s shooter, which I’m happy about.


Very uncharacteristically for me, but I have only been playing retro PC-games the last few weeks. Just completed the campaign in the first Heroes of Might and Magic-game, and now onto the second one. Its not great or maybe even good, but I just needed something really chill to play on my PC when most of my consoles was packed down.


Heroes II is phenomenal! The opera soundtrack. Fantastic! Phil Steinmeyer was a hell of a designer. Railroad Tycoon II is also his design, but HoMM II is his best.


I’m wrapping up Celeste on Switch, at least the base game. Really good stuff and deserving of the excellent review scores. I’ll keep playing after the normal game win as I’ve yet to see what B Side is about and there are some things I wanna go back and see. I did find the original Pico 8 version hidden in one of the stages and beat that (nice that it unlocks on the main menu).


ive been playing soem world heroes on neo geo cd. no a great game but i like to chill and do arcade mode palythroughs of crusty-ass fighters once in a while and the arranged soundtrack of the cd version is really good and adds a lot to the fun

also pilotwings 64. is there any trick to the hang glider? it pisses me off…


I played Piloteings 64 for the first time last week. I acquired the cart in a lot a few years ago but never gave it a shot.

It’s got done charm but it’s sort of a rough game.


Nioh - I’m at the last level. I love this game. To me it’s a faster paced Dark Souls.

Dragon Ball Fighters - I really like the gameplay but I don’t like the Single Player Story as it tries to throw in too many elements that bog down the core. I want to be fighting not worrying about losing because of some eternal mechanic. I can see this game becoming a two player favorite.

Monster Hunter World - I’ve played the Monster Hunter games before but this one really speaks to me. I can see myself playing this through to the end.

Jackie Chan - This Famicom/NES game is a great action platform and works great as a gaming pallet cleanser.


yeah. one example is the class B jetpack test when you have to smash blue balloons that split into 5 smaller balloons you also have to pick up.The hitbox for the split balloons is much smaller than the model, you can clip almost entirely inside one of the stupid things and it still won’t count as collected. Kinda frustrating.


I’ve been playing Image Fight on PC Engine. Really fun game if a bit unfair in spots. I managed to beat it on recruit difficulty though, so maybe I’ll move up a difficulty to see if I can survive.

Also been playing some Dragon Spirit on PC Engine. Also really fun, but your dragon is so huge it can be pretty frustrating to manoeuvre the levels. I’ll give it another proper go soon enough. Image Fight at least has unlimited continues, a luxery Dragon Spirit doesn’t share.


Traded in my PS4 copy and got Dragon Quest Builders for Switch today.


Cute cover art.


Yeah, I love it. Really glad they went with the Japanese cover art for Switch.


Any benefit to that version over the ps4 version?


Main benefit of course is that it’s also portable but there are some other bells and whistles such as:

-You get a Great Sabrecub to ride on for faster traversal of the map. I haven’t gotten the Sabrecub yet but I assume it can also attack enemies.

-There are “retro blocks” exclusive to Switch and you can also collect DQ Famicom cartridges.

-One nice improvement on Switch is they changed jump and attack to B/Y which feels much more natural than using the O and triangle buttons for jump/attack on PS4.

I bought it on PS4 back in August and loved the game from the PS4 demo but never had time to get very far on my PS4 copy due to some other games I was busy finishing the last 6 months (especially DQ 7) so trading it towards the Switch port was an easy decision at this point.