What are you playing these days?


I bought Golf Story today on the Switch since it’s on sale. It really is a fun little game. It was probably a waste of money since it’s been all but confirmed that Limited Run Games will be doing a physical release of it and I’ll probably double dip because apparently I have more money than brains.


Grabbed Marvel VS Capcom 2 for the original Xbox and have been spending the better part of the week and weekend unlocking characters and assembling the best 3 person projectile team


Thanks for the info


No problem, I hope it helps in your decision.


Tonight gonna be playing more DQ Builders on Switch, Parasol Stars on TG-16 and maybe some Raiden Project on PS1.


I finished Firewatch a few days ago. Interesting game. Worth it at sale price, I’d say. Ultimately I think I expected a little more out of the experience but I’m glad I went through it. I haven’t played any games in this nascent genre before. It’s only about 4-5 hours long and it’s entirely story driven so it’s easy to breeze through.

I started The Last Guardian today. Loving it so far. I plan to play the SOTC remake immediately after for a huge dose of Udea awesomeness.

Yooooo… thanks for the heads up. Buying this for sure! Haven’t been on the eShop lately!


Oh dear…the new 1.3 update to Xenoblade 2 this week is insane. NG+ sounds better than I’d have ever hoped and the qol fixes are awesome too. That’s another 100 hours of my life gone.

Otherwise, I’ve just been playing assorted SNES games. I wasn’t going to get Bayonetta 2 (out Friday) but felt like I had to at this price:

Haven’t played Bayo 2 since release and I have no intention of ever using a Wii U again, so not the worst purchase I could make tbh


It’s to a point now that I just assume that every “digital only” game that is popular enough will get a limited run physical release. I’m okay with this since it’s what I want, but it still gets in the way of me buying any digital games.


Yep, I’m now avoiding buying top indies for a chance of physical.


Did the QoL features extend to a trash mobs taking a minute plus to kill? Some of the enemies hp pool is too big. Also did the fix the amount of group battle/walking chatter? Meh meh meh???!


Heh well, the first point - yes! There’s now an easy mode that can be toggled on the fly.

To the latter, don’t use Tora. But tbh I love the VA so not a problem for me.


I think easy should be renamed. Something like, respecting your time mode. There is nothing challenging thus far just irritatingly long battles. I quit playing in chapter 4. I don’t know if I’m likely to go back. The combat is a slog and the main thing it has going for it is that it’s portable.

I’ll admit I’d rather play Dragon Quest Builders instead.


Chapter 4 is the worst by far. That’s the one in mor ardain based around poppi, right? Fuck that, I hated it too.

The game gets steadily better though especially when you hit chapter 9 and Malos suddenly fights you with the Monado and Shulk’s full moveset and then shit gets real from that point on.

Spoilers for the final chapter: Xenoblade 1 and 2 take place at the same time in two dimensions. The architect is Klaus/Zanza who is split between two and alrest is the remains of the old world.


Feels like I should be glad that I had a case of “other shit that needed to get done” when Xenoblade 2 came out. Just got to decide if that will be my next game or if I should get in on Monster Hunter. Or finally do FF15…


Damn… I accidentally clicked on these spoilers… how much did I ruin?


As for Bayo 1 and 2… I’d only grab the switch versions if they have improved performance over Wii U. It doesn’t need to be significantly improved… just enough to make them the definitive versions of the games (other than PC of course regarding Bayo 1).


I was really holding out hope for a physical Bayo1 and 2 pack. Missed out on all the times it was up on amazon jp.


Nothing really, the plot points don’t affect the game’s main story in any way - it’s there as fan service more than anything.

It does definitely highlight what Xenoblade 3 will be though - and there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned either that pertains to both games (specifically someone)


This is the team you’re looking for.

Cable-B/Sentinel-Y/CapCom-B. AKA “Team Scrub”


OK! Stop now! I’m in Chapter 5 and loving the game. Not clicking those spoilers!!


Don’t click them! but please post in the xeno 2 thread about your thoughts when youve hit chapter 10!!