What are you playing these days?


Oh, absolutely. One of my sons finished it and the other is ahead of me. They’ve been really good about keeping spoilers from me! I agree that Chapter 4 is a bit of a slog, but I still enjoyed it. It certainly picks up a bit after that.


One thing to note is that Tetsuya Takahashi (director/lead of the xeno series) wrote the plot/story outline for the game and then Yuichiro Takeda wrote the even numbered chapters and Kazuho Hyodo wrote the odd numbered chapters. You can definitely see a split in how the odd and even chapters are presented - and it’s weird, because 4 is the weakest but 10 is fucking awesome

also…the entire staff of Xenoblade 2 was a team of just 40 people.


40 people?! Wow.

How does that compare to the other two Xenoblade staff sizes?


Not entirely sure, but I know 2 was developed mostly by Monolithsoft’s “B” team. I’d assume the main team is working on what was teased at last year:


Thanks! I’ll try that once I get them unlocked


I can’t stop playing Horizon Zero Dawn… I had taken a break from it around 50% a few months back, but I’ve gone back to it and completely fallen down the rabbit hole. I’ve gotten all of the collectibles now, so the main plot is going by at a lightning pace, and it’s very exciting. I just picked up the DLC too to play once I finish the base game.

As for what else I’m playing, I’m still making progress into ROM 2064. It’s a very slow paced game, and I’m still not 100% sold on it, but the plot is starting to get a bit more interesting. I wish the main character had a voice though, I’m not huge on silent protagonists. The cool thing that I’ve noticed is that most puzzles usually have multiple solutions, and glancing at the trophy list, I’m guessing there’s multiple endings based on some of these consequences. I wish I was playing on PS4 though, the VITA port is ROUGH.


@Rich @Socksfelloff

130 hours into Breath of the Wild
40 hours in Mario Odyssey
60+ into Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Probably another 50+ hours on indies, mario kart and other games I bought since launch.

All that is gone because my switch broke. Nintendo makes no claim that I can save my data but it appears my battery is swelling and the back panel is coming off. I know if I send this thing off, I am not getting my switch back. I am getting a refurb. I am so fucked and I am so pissed Nintendo is such a backwards company. Would I be afraid if this was XBOX or PS4. Nope.

At least I got my Super NT to keep me company. Time to fight with my credit card company because the only way to save my data is to do a system transfer. I’ve never had a Nintendo console ever fail on me. This is such a weird feeling.


This is fucking bullshit. I feel for you. Nintendo makes awesome games, but there policy in regards to stuff like this needs to change.


Say it aint so :frowning:

If I was in your shoes I would look at fixing it myself. They need to roll out a cloud save system ASAP or at least let us back them up to an SD card.

I think they are butthurt about the 3d exploits using saves on the SD card but the switch is already cracked open so they may as well.


Can you just order a new battery?


It broke the plastic inside. The ones the screws attach to. So the thing still works. I’m probably going to buy a new switch and make an Amex claim.


Damn that does suck.

And the solution is so simple and doesn’t have the SD card hack vector issues - encrypted cloud saves tied to accounts. I really think this is an area they are genuinely incompetent in.


There were more than 40 people involved in the development of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They used external companies to do the work that the other 60 or so Monolith staff members would have done had they not been helping to develop Breath of the Wild at the time.


Taking a break from DQ Builders tonight and playing Raiden 1 on the Japanese version of the Raiden Project (import version of Raiden has the Fairy item-refill checkpoints) and this game is still just tough, fun vanilla shooting goodness. A few pics from the title and attract screens and the game packaging and manual:

Cute pic from the manual of Miclus the dragon showing you the correct way to TATE your CRT:


Damn, it’s the one worry I have with my switch. If it does, the saves go with it

That said, the battery is REALLY easy to replace. I’d give it a go, personally.


The plastic posts that attach the back plate to the front of the switch are broken. Even if my battery was fixed, I’d have to glue or tape my switch to keep it closed. There is no way to fix it now. The whole LCD housing would need to be replaced.


You can actually buy new backplates (and entire housing) from AliExpress for a fiver:

It’s OEM and the same parts used on the real console (likely from the same fabricator), they’ve just got rid of the logos in the main image on the listing.

Of course that’s a bit more complex than a simple battery change, but replacing the back cover is easy enough it seems


What a bummer. Have you spoken to Nintendo about asking them to preserve your saves? I hear that it’s hit or miss as to whether they will.


I grabbed the dpad Joycon shells and they are 1:1 with the stock Joycons. There were no imperfections or any sign they weren’t oem, unlike gameboy shells for example.

I also bought the mini switch dock, it’s rad!


Oh fuck yes! I will just do this. Likely, replace what’s needed (like the battery) and sell it to someone else and buying myself a new switch. This is so win I can’t believe it. Thank you.