What are you playing these days?


Rich earned his tag (again).


It’s almost two days I’m stuck on bubble spinner game and playing almost all day and night long but can’t find myself in leaderboard yet.


This is some crap. If they can’t preserve your saves, I would ask for some type of reimbursement.


I bought a new switch and transferred everything while my switch is being repaired. When I get it back, I’ll transfer my saves back to the original console. If Nintendo charges me I’ll repair it with the Shell I bought and sell it instead of having Nintendo repair it.

Either way I’m hoping I don’t have but a new switch.


Been playing the Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap remake on Switch. God, the art is lovely. The game can be damn hard at times, though. You really have to put your brain in pattern-recognition mode. I just got the third form, the mer-man. I’ve taken to playing with the new art but the old music. It’s making me want to get a Power Base Converter…


Lots of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for me lately. I worked my way to Super Bronze and then got whomped for awhile and nearly was back at Rookie. Jeez…

It’s a really nice package now. Well worth playing if you’ve held out.

I’m also still working on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and of course playing games on the Super Nt! So far it’s been the two Turrican games included as well as SMW2: Yoshi’s Island. It’s a great little machine.


Horizon Zero Dawn. Just spent 30 hours on Celeste. Just updated SFV so plan on playing that a bit. Also, Gorogoa on iPad.


been on an OG xbox kick! JSRF, ToeJam & Earl 3, Destroy All Humans, Stubbs the Zombie - weird shit only is apparently the theme, been having a blast


Doom on PS4. I suck at FPSes though. Dying at every fire fight.


Twinsies!! I’ve been playing through Timesplitters Future Perfect with a little JSRF and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Falling in love with my OG Xbox all over again


Still playing Heroes of Might and Magic 2. Just reached the final mission in the “good” storyline, so will hopefully complete the game in a few days.


I am playing Monster Hunter World (XBOX ONE X). Anyone want to join me?


Wonder Boy Dragon’s Curse (PS4) - Started and I could have finished but I’m play the unknown sections and those are hard.

Kingdom Come Deliverance (XB1) - This game is as frustrating as it is fun. There’s a lot to do any many ways to do it. I’m certain that this game will become a cult classic.

Saint’s Row 2 (360) - I picked it up cheap and I started it as it was going to be a mindless game. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the game now.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - Looks incredible but I still suck at this game.

Jackie Chan (Famicom) - Still a great game to sit down and play for a couple minutes.


I definitely want to play Kingdom Come Deliverance, but probably waiting for it to come on clearance.


It looks really cool, but I would love a couple patches on console first before jumping in. I was shocked at the performance issues highlighted by Digital Foundry, even on Xbox One X.


Haha, yeah that too!


It certainly is unique. There’s a part where I was trying to find a way to escape a castle. I found that I could just fit through the chains holding the drawbridge. When I dropped down and ran for it the guards below started running after me. If they caught me I could try to flee or persuade them to let me go. You don’t often see a game that predicts you might break the loop and accounts for it.

I should mention that people actually travel. If a person says he is heading out from point a to b you can actually find him along the road from point a to b.


Got something from Nintendo today.

Nintendo fixed it for me! It feels brand new again. It probably is a refurbished unit or new stock for replacement. Either way the screen is nice and the switch feels tight again!


Been playing Risen 3 on PS4. After Elex, I was itching for another Piranha Bytes game, and this is striking a lot of the same chords. It’s not as hardcore but it’s still a lot of fun.


The Switch is just so sexy. :smiley: