RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

Yeah I think it would make things a lot more cohesive. I’ll create a new thread for next week’s battle.

Here’s my first submission for this week, and holy crap this same is hard. I don’t remember it being this tough! Maybe I just suck at shmups…


29,350 to start things off. Good luck everyone! For those of you that are playing with MaME, the game is “dspirit”.

Here’s mine 42150

Well done! How many attempts?

Just 3. I could’ve done better if I wasn’t dealing with land and air.

Made it to the last boss on stage 2



Yeah… that 2nd boss is a bitch! Couldn’t pass it.

I prettied up the scores page on the website a bit, and added a rules page.

I think it’ll become a bit more important once we have separate threads for each game, as it’ll provide a central area for all information for the on-going weekly battles.

If there’s anything you guys would like to see added to the website, please let me know.

I’m busy as hell right now but I do plan on getting some scores in before it’s over!

Just wanna say awesome job on the site :+1:


It’s honestly very little work though, it’s just a bootstrap site with a tiny bit of modification.

I’ll give it another shot tomorrow night. I’ve played stage 3 before and feel if I can just get past stage 2’s boss, I can get my score pretty high on stage 3😃

Finally got a couple of hours in this evening. Found it really tough, I’m much more used to modern shmups where the enemy movement and shot patterns are far more predictable and fixed. Will give it another go at the weekend when I get more time and see how it goes…


Damn, nice score Tom!

Nice to see a new challenger for sure.

Took a few tries to beat the first stage. Game is pretty fun

Page updated with the new scores.

Here’s my latest attempt! So close…


Nice. I got to the second stage boss but didn’t beat him


Managed to break the 100k mark… the 4th level gets ridiculous! I died 4 times in about 30 seconds.


I uploaded a video of the run. Apparently my mic was on, and you can hear me swearing later on when I get my ass handed to me haha.

Tom you get to pick the game this week, as I picked last week. Let me know, and I’ll update the site at work tomorrow!

Nice score dude, “MR 2:02” showing us how it’s done!

Are there any objections / problems with me choosing Nights into Dreams for his weeks game? Its a score attack game through and through so thought the first stage with Elliot (Splash Garden) could be fun and not take too long to get into and do a single run of.