RGB High Score Battle! - Week 6: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX/DX+




Put in some good attempts tonight!


Nice scores!! I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this weekend. I know for sure I can go higher. I just need the time to do so.


Best of the night. Done for now. Had a REALLY good run going on my last attempt but psyched myself out and fucked up royally about 2/3 of the way through.



I’m done for the week, good luck guys!


Ah, damn…


Haha I’m done man… I got 1,604,410 one time and it pissed me off to get so close, that I spent another 2 hours making attempts.

If you beat it, I give up lol.


Yeah I’m done. I won’t have anytime to make a decent run today. It would be great if we can revisit this and play another stage down the line.


Totally agree. I’d lobby for the original Pac-Man CE as well. For all the cool stuff they added to DX, I still adore the first game.




Uppped it… but not enough yet. Might give it one or two more tries.


Gaaah! I said this was going to be my last run, and I had my best game yet, but I still got out of whack at the very end and missed out on breaking 1.6 million. Time for bed and back to work tomorrow.


Well I tried. Have to let me previous score stand.


I’ve updated the site with the scores, thanks everyone for competing this week!

I’ll think up a new game and post a new thread sometime today.

I’m open to suggestions too, everyone.

Oh! I also have a video of my run if anyone would like to see it.


I think you missed a couple new scores there @raskulous. SAKY and myself raised ours near the end. I know there was some talk of points given for finishing position so it would be cool to have that updated. Thanks!


Great run! Looks like this pattern had a tendency to give you some trouble as well. My biggest issue was being thrown off of my lines, you did a better job of adapting to such situations than I did.


Yeah, my highest score is missing from the leaderboard as well.


Sorry guys… My mistake. All fixed up, and the points updated.