RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


The only one I have is FF Chronicles… so here’s chrono trigger:


Yes… but not necessarily native res RGB. I’m willing to bet it’s using a standard VGA signal (RGBHV). Similar to the officially licensed Waka Upscan converter.


Good point. I should check mine out again tonight. I always thought it looked pretty great though.


It’s a fixed pixel display, most likely 640x480. Your average 320x240p game would be fine with just line doubling, a 480i game with a deinterlace, both would likely have some black bars as the games are actually 320x224 etc.

But what about say Wipeout 3’s 512x240? Or many 2D games 256x240? Squashed, or stretched?

@Boylamite @Peagles We need a close up of the Chrono sprite :wink:


I’m back in the PC Engine Club (but I don’t have it RGB modded nor do I have any games or EverDrive)


I can’t believe the price you scored that for. I’m so jealous



It’s the one system I still need to get… or try for that matter.



Some borders though but looks really nice - looks a bit washed out because the sun was pouring in but in the dark it’s really great.


Rectangular pixels?

It looks 1:1 scaling so that means Alucard should be slightly too skinny, but it and Chrono looks right to me?


Just received Irem’s firefighter game, Sakurasaka Shouboutai, and a NeGcon controller in the post. Looking forward to playing with both - I can finally pick Rage Racer back up!

Luckily it’s the first gen NeGcon. I also picked up an NTSC-J copy of R4: RR Type 4 to revisit. I’m not a big fan of Type 4 but I can’t resist those visuals and that NeGcon. It’ll also be my first time playing the original Ridge Racer at 60fps.


I’m surprised by the quality myself there given the time of release - wonder if it shares a lot in common with Sony’s Vaio displays from the time. With more modern backlighting it would look even better.

Is there much ghosting in motion?


Something feels off with the scaling or the signal. Look at Alucard’s leg. There’s some color bleed into adjacent pixels.

Not sure what it is though.

Overall, it’s not a bad looking image. I’m sure people loved it back on release.


You see some bleeding here too. Look at the left most pixels of the text box blending with the sky:


It looks like almost antialiasing but PS1 hardware wasn’t capable of it as far as I know. So there’s some sort of bilinear filtering happening with the upscale.

Or, it’s not using a lossless signal for some reason. Either way, it’s really curious stuff. I wonder if the MLiG guys ever examined one.


I had heard that screen was 640x480 but it doesn’t look like it from those photos.

In any case I’d expect it’s displaying stuff wrong and/or with uneven pixels as even the 320 wide PS1 mode doesn’t have square pixels; it runs with a 10:11 PAR.


That looks pristine. Congrats!




How much @Kawika?




Gotcha. Didn’t know about the abbreviation. Handy link.


Maybe very slightly?

That’s probably the camera tbh. It was quite hard to photograph so close and I only have an iPhone :sweat_smile: