RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Bunch of pickups from Black Friday mixed in with a few more recent ones.

Picked up an XB1X. Grabbed the FFXIII trilogy for 360, even though I have the PS3 versions, because of the enhancements. Not sure if I’ll ever get around to playing them, but they were cheap.

XB1 games

Figured it was a good time to grab a PSVR. I didn’t find time to set it up until the other day. There are a lot of wires. I’m too much of a chicken to play RE7 in VR, but I’m glad the option is there.

Other PS4 games

Random retro games

I finally managed to find the one Zelda edition 3DS I was missing. Got it from a local seller for a good price. Also grabbed a PSP Go from him for cheap. Already have a couple of GO’s, but I got a discount for buying both, so I couldn’t resist.

Bunch of stuff I picked up from Krikzz during the Black Friday sale. The SD2SNES arrived yesterday, just in time to feel salty regarding the upgrade. :eyes:


Liking this post for DQM Joker 2 and nothing else.


Yeah, that was put in there specifically for you.


Wow, someone won the lottery recently :joy:
That’s a lot of good stuff you have there.


Two more games, no idea when I’ll be able to play them but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist switching out Ridge Racer games to play V…

I never did play V back in the day, so looking forward to it - it certainly looks closer to the modern games than the PS1 entries. Hope it isn’t grindy like Ridge Racers.


Went really weeby with yesterday’s pickups

F O E! F O E!


Nice on the Nexus. I’m planning on keeping mine sealed as I still have EOIII to play, so looking forward to reading your impressions in the 3DS thread.

If you still use your Vita or PS3 you might want to consider taking back Rorona DX and get New Rorona instead.

The DX ports are pretty disappointing technically speaking - I was ready to pick up what was going to be the definitive versions of the games but wasn’t expecting the following downgrades:

  • missing or downgraded visual effects such as shadowing or lighting (Atelier Meruru looks more like the Vita game on PS4 and Switch than the PS3 version due to missing lighting)
  • a lower framerate cap (30fps on both PS4 and Switch, when it was 60 on PS3 and Vita)
  • an off colour gamut (I think it’s been oversaturated)
  • no antialiasing (the games on Vita even had 2x MSAA!)

I suspect the issue is that the games have been ported from PhyreEngine to Koei Tecmo’s own internal engine. I was quite shocked to see Atelier Totori looking worse and running less smoothly on PS4 compared with its PS3 counterpart.


Decided before my best buy discount ends to buy some of the games I’m aspiring to play.

Got these weird 3rd party controllers on a recommendation. If you want to play SNES sf2 it’s the way to go. But I’m not sure I’d recommend it otherwise. The Genesis pad is ok. I’d rather use a normal Genesis controller. Also I think the ascii pad is the only other controller besides official Nintendo I would recommend.


Man, that Genesis controller is my dream layout. 3-Button comfort with 6-button functionality. Add some triggers and a select button and I’d buy 4 for emulation and be finished with that quest.

Really hope the new USB Saturn pads are good.


Yeah I have one of those SNES pads. I picked it up awhile ago because Smokemonster had said they were basically Saturn Pads for the SNES. I don’t think I would fully agree with that. The D-pad, at least to me definitely doesn’t feel as good as a Saturn one.


Yeah, that’s the person who gave the recommendation. I didn’t spend a lot. Probably will sell both of them. They aren’t bad I just have no use for pads when I have sticks.


Seriously? I did open and start it up and wondered if my memory was faulty on the looks. Guess ill have to compare. sighhhh Tecmo is ruining Gust it feels like.


Yeah I didn’t spend much on mine either. As far as pads go, I would rather use my Ascii pad for it, than this one. Just not really impressed with the D-pad, or well the overall feel of the controller at all. It’s almost not comfortable to hold.


ASCII pad or 8bitdo, which do you prefer for the SNES?


I think the 8bitdo controllers are good, but I would probably use the ASCII pad or just a stock SNES pad over it on SNES. Least for me on SNES the stock pad is still king, and I only bust out the ASCII pad for shooters and such where I want the rapid fire.


Yeah. It probably affects Meruru the most because it’s the most visually ambitious but even Atelier Totori is impacted. Check out these videos, which should timeskip, in 60fps:

https://youtu.be/k1g66vXFC8Y?t=278 (PS3 version)
https://youtu.be/Kde9gM9gUYQ?t=258 (PS4 version)
https://youtu.be/uQ20vX0GddQ?t=379 (NSW version)

Also appears that the 2D artwork is lower resolution on PS4 and Switch…


Thanks. I used to own an ASCII pad but I haven’t tried any 8bitdo controllers and wasn’t sure which to choose. I think I’ll grab an ASCII pad.


Just got in my 2nd CPS2 board! Now to mod my controller for 6 button games.


Got enough monitors? :wink:

@Beartruck That is indeed the weebiest thing I have seen for a while haha


I skipped Ridge Racer V at launch, despite being a fan of the series. I got taken in by all the criticism it received for not being ‘next gen’ enough (much jaggies) and then seeing it running in composite on a tiny CRT screen sealed its fate until I picked it up a few years after it launched. It’s soooo fucking good, it feels like a sequel to Ridge Racer and Ridge Raver Rev as it drops the relatively more extreme tracks of Rage and the car collectathon of Type 4. The soundtrack is amazing as well.