RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Daxter is possibly my favorite in the series. I’ve been thinking of picking up another PSP myself to soft mod it. There are some great titles on the system I wouldn’t mind replaying. Did your PSP 1000 have dead pixels?


I believe my 1000 has one dead pixel. I still have it, but going back to the screen is tough because it ghosts A LOT. Even the 3000 screen has ghosting but it’s nothing compared to the 1000, which is a bit of a blurry mess. That was the main reason I wanted to get a 3000. I actually played around a bit with @Socksfelloff 's 3000 when I was visiting, and that made me buy one, lol.

The 3000 is shocking how much lighter and thinner it is. I would say that the 1000 series feels a bit more “premium”: it has bulges on the sides of the back to help it fit ergonomically in the hand and the spring loaded UMD tray is crazy cool. The 3000 screen is much nicer, even with it’s “interlacing” problem, which I can literally only see on the PSP homescreen as I sweep across the XMB.

It’s not all roses though, I did notice my screen has a weird oval shaped burn in right in the centre. It’s only noticeable on certain uniform colours, I’ve never noticed it during gameplay, but it’s there. Seems relatively common, I found some threads on reddit etc, including this picture which looks very similar to the burn in on my screen. Frankly, it reminds me of the OLED blobs on my Vita 1: noticeable in loading screens, never see them during gameplay.


Is it worthwhile buying from Japan?


For a PSP? Definitely. If you already have a charge cable (the PSPs all use the same one, except I think the PSP Go), you can get a pretty great deal. The menus can be changed to English, and all PSP games are region free. Plus custom firmware is region agnostic too.

The only thing you can’t do on a Japanese PSP is watch North American UMD movies… so unless you’ve got a haul of those, I’d say go for an import.


What price is a good price?

How much do they go for and where from? Do import fees not negate the initial low price?

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I stopped by my local retro shop today and watched a guy drop $1200 CAD on Dracula X, Mega Man X/X2/X3/7 and a few other games. Dude picked out the games he wanted then told them he had to go pick up cash then came back a bit later with all the cash. I was like :open_mouth:


ahhhhh whatup! this is my first post on RGB lol, I should visit more often but I have a pickup!

it’s a puppy! a nameless boy puppy!

what cool retro game name should I give him?

I was thinking of Elevator Action Returns, but I didnt like how it sounded when I call him Elacre for short :frowning:


hmmm, well to keep things gaming related I guess, I can post that I also got this:

bummer, if only my dog were a girl, I could name her Umihara Kawase.


Welcome! Cute pupper! We have a pet thread in off topic too :slight_smile:


What a sweet looking boy! Nothing brightens up a thread like a puppy. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @JEKKI.


As others have said your dog’s adorable! And nice pickup - much prefer the serene art used in the ++ packaging over the original Vita release.


I’ve seen Japanese PSP 2000’s go as low as $20 shipped.That’s cheaper I’ve seen for any NA models. I’ve seen 3000’s for as low as $30 shipped.


Yeah I think in the US good condition 2000s and 3000s definitely go for more than 20 bucks. I got my pretty near mint 3000 hmmm a year or 2 ago for 60 I think at a convention. I can’t say about the 2000s but the screen on the 3000 is so much better than my 1000. I just wish Sony hadn’t taken down your ability to add a PSP to your PSN account. So I can’t officially, legally, easily add my digital PSP purchases to my 3000. I really need to just hack it one of these days.


Here in Toronto a used psp seems to be going for 60+ now with Gos going for 150+

No one should be playing a psp without cfw these days even if all you use it for is to bypass the battery hogging unreliable UMD drive. It’s literally as easy as dropping a file on your SD card and running it on the psp.

Also my PCe stuff came in ! This was my first time using Buyee to buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan and it went smoothly. Not pictures is the shielded scart cable from the UK guys


Dumb question but does the SSD3 support anything other than RBG? would I be able to use s video or component?

Edit: google answered my question:p

Phantasy star 3 came in the mail yesterday, so I finally have all 4 again… and this time all complete!


I’m looking forward to Umihara Kawase Fresh! this Summer. I hope they keep Cotton as a playable character.


How much did shipping cost you? I’m in Alberta, so my shipping from Japan would likely be cheaper. I’ve entertained buying things from there a few times, but haven’t bit the bullet.


Welcome to RGB!

That puppy is gonna a be big boy eventually, right? So find a name which is grand and stately, or something super cheesy and macho.


Now that’s one happy gamer. I wonder if he’d just come in to some money and though “right, I’m off to the shop to buy all those games I’ve been eyeing up over the past few months”.
I remember doing something very similar when unexpectedly I got a sizable tax return a few years back.
It sounds strange but walking in to a shop and slapping down a grand to buy stuff you’ve wanted for ages feels so good. Its like “yeah! I’ve finally made it” :grin:


There are some great games for 2 players, both on the Famicom and Super Famicom, which I’ve been slowly digging into with my kids, especially my 6yo daughter. She loves, loves, LOVES the Kirby games. We have finished Adventure for Famicom, and recently Dreamland 3 on SFC, “hearting” all the levels, and unlocking the final boss which definitely bleeds from it’s creepy white eye #kidfriendly.

I have been eyeing off the multi-tap adapter for SFC/SNES for a while, with 4 player games in mind, and finally scored a good deal.

An Optec Party Room 21 5-player adapter, and a reasonably clean SFC pad for $22 AUD, from Japanese ebay seller isoy-jp2015.

GROSS! Probably why there were so few bids.

That’s better. And it works perfectly.

I’m keen to play some Bomberman(s), Micro Machines, Secret of Mana, and probably some simple sports games.
Has anyone else got any recommendations for great 4-player games, preferably beginner friendly?


new pickup! spent quite a bit for this poster so may as well get it framed and hung lol