RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Well this finally came today after many delays and I must say I’m very pleased with it!


The scanline and famicom color bookmarks are pretty cool touches


That’s pretty awesome.


There’s that plus if you know what you are doing you can load a savr that has the levels unlocked. Cant get all of them at once with this method, though.


Amazon cancelled mine when I had a great deal on it. I am pissed that it happened that way. I bet I can order it today on amazon for maybe 2x as much.


I had the same thing happen with it, and another book from the same people.


The Neo Geo one? Me too.


Jumping in with my recent Xmas and eBay gets. Since we’re posting about books, I’ll start with these excellent volumes. The NES Works are just great, as you’d expect from Jeremy Parish. The FDS is also really good, again, as you’d expect from HG101.

More early NES-era swag. Hope to get most of these Fun Club newsletters. The first two are not worth what they’re going for, though.

Mendel Palace is Game Freak’s first game. Haven’t popped in for a go just yet.


Yup. I really wanted them as well.


I need to grab the nes works books! I read the famicom book and it’s a good one. Unfortunately it seems most of the fds library wasn’t so good lol.


@Kawika @apathetic I think the author/publisher addressed this on the Kickstarter-backer emails; apparently once the book gets its SKU created, Amazon (or another outside party) added this to Amazon by default, when in actuality the book(s) were never available for sale on the site to begin with. :frowning:


I had that happen with Amazon.ca as well


They’re so good. He’s also re-formatting his Game Boy World books into the “Works” series and will be doing SNES in this format, too, once the video series starts to yield enough content. It’s going to make for a really nice bookshelf after a while. :slight_smile: The books ARE are a little different from the video scripts so even if you watch the vids, it’s well worth it, IMO. Really high quality images and layout.


I love books in that style! Unfortunately it would be cheaper for me to buy a private jet and fly the books home myself then to pay for shipping from fangamer :frowning:


Got me the OSSC this month. Finally!


You got an ossc.gif



Super Tennis is a classic. I. Remember back I 1989 we would get the portable TV out in to the garden during summer to play this.


In the “English” versions they yell “RATS” - just tonight we had a mini pass-the-controllers tournament (4 players, 2 qualifiers, one final) after another hour or two of Winter Gold.


Just published my latest gaming pick ups video for Christmas. Also features gaming pick ups from viewers too.


Nice video! I’m reading through that book right now!


Coupla things, not necessarily retro, but close enough :slight_smile:

I also got a free Gauntlet complete in box on NES and Pac attack boxed on SNES. I forgot to make pics and now they’re tucked away in the gamesroom. I’ll try to remember it for next time.