RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

The Evercade versions look a lot better than Johnny Turbo’s releases, thankfully. The JT games are blurry and feature washed-out colours, while the graphics are nice and crisp on the Evercade.

The Evercade features just two scanline settings: subtle and strong (of course, they can also be turned off). I think both settings are pretty good, but I slightly prefer subtle scanlines because the screen never becomes too dark that way.

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That sounds great (and horrible, at the same time, knowing myself… XD).

Do Evercade games come with any 1:1 display option, to avoid shimmering, as well as a refresh rate selector (very often these retro games/compilations just run at 60hz, resulting in costant stuttering)?

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Yep, there’s a pixel perfect mode! No refresh rate selector though, as far as I know.

Here’s more in-depth information about the Evercade’s display modes:

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Watching it now, thank you! ^_-

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Been a while since I posted, so here’s an update. What a wild week it’s been for pickups.

I found some intellivision games locally, in particular some imagic games, which I love the shiny art design of.

They’re in such nice shape, with inserts and manuals, that I ended up contacting the seller about his other intellivision stuff. He has a lot, and after a bit of back and forth I ended up buying his whole collection of them. Every single game is complete, and it’s in extremely good shape.

5 are sealed, plus 2 sealed C64 games, an Intellivision in very nice shape, and a voice module

Overall it’s 56 games!


Wow, that’s a great haul!


That’s a great set of inteleviision gear you’ve got there.


Wife picked up a bottle of wine :sweat_smile: (2 player edition lol)


I was away for a few days in Peterborough (about 70miles away from home) and after not running into a dumped CRT in so very long now and never ever finding a wild SONY Trinitron, look at what I notice on the way back from a walk in the forest:

The front casing is really badly scratched but thankfully due to the nice deep bezel the tube is free of scratches. I try to peek inside a little and seems the tubes neck is intact so decide what the heck I’m going to take this home with me.

And yup it works:

The power button is a bit dodgy and is now stuck “always on” but that should be an easy fix when I get around to cleaning it up.


Wow, awesome find!


Great find, love it when a rescue gets a good home.


Picked up a trilogy today, NG III is pretty tough to find! They’re all in very nice condition, especially I and III.


I remember those rental game cases. Takes me back.

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