RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Never seen a LA DX cart with a black label before. Is this the European version?

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As someone who has spent countless hours playing Commodore 64 games, I’m really happy with this Evercade cartridge.

I immediately did not one, but two playthroughs of Bruce Lee, one of my all-time favourite video games. In the past I always used to quit the game after completing it once, but recently I learned there’s a second, harder loop afterwards, so I decided to give that a shot. Well, the increased difficulty was immediately apparent and I struggled to beat sections that used to be a walk in the park. I was down to my last life, but somehow, when all hope seemed lost, I managed to complete the game. Man, what a rush!

What I love about the Evercade C64 games is that certain actions are mapped to buttons instead of joystick movements, so you don’t have to push up to jump, for example. It’s quite literally a game changer, as it makes for a far more intuitive gameplay experience.

Here’s hoping for tons more Evercade C64 cartridges in the future!


Yes, it is. I think the American Gold label is my fav but they’re all pretty good

Not game related but I got lucky and managed to get a Sound Burger! 300 were released in Australia.

Video for info:


My deluxe collector’s edition boxset for MW IV finally arrived from Strictly Limited Games:


Very nice that you managed to get one of those limited edition sound burgers.

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Love the aesthetic of that

@AgentUnknown The artbook looks amazing, thanks for sharing those concept art pics


The translated hardcover art book they did for their Darius arcade & console boxset was also fantastic (should be pictures of it somewhere in this thread in my older posts), SLG does high quality work.


Jelly, such a great game and solid remake too.

So that has a statue?


It does, it’s a glass figurine which requires a bit of assembly, I haven’t put it together yet as I don’t currently have a very good spot to display it.

The cart contains both the remake and the Mega Drive game which I’m currently playing, I’d played bit of the MD game years ago on Wii Virtual Console but never got around to finishing it. The various CRT and scanline filter options which Ratalaika Games included for the MD port are impressive.

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Yeah I got the regular edition like a year ago? Love the reversible cover to match the MD original. Really enjoyed the remake, some nice little twists on the original.

They should post the game early when you order a big special edition thing like this, or maybe send a digital code? Takes so long!


Some new pickups today by from the charity shop

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Red dead redemption is a classic. You’ll really enjoy that one.

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My Analogue Pocket arrived, no surprise that it’s extremely high quality and definitely worth the wait. Have tried a mix of GB and GBA carts which both look gorgeous, will definitely be getting an adapter for GG and TG-16/PC Engine games.



Had a fair few good pick ups lately but only going to detail the main two from this month.

To start with my girl friend bought me these adorable official Bubble Bobble plushes for my birthday today:

We had a look around a bunch of localish retro game stores, but sadly we were very limited for time so I didn’t have the chance to dig too deep but picked up this bunch of stuff for myself:

Whilst out ran into a rare youtuber in the wild:

Also earlier this month I met a guy who I found out had a loft full of old computer games, monitors, manuals, an Amiga and a bunch of other PC hardware that he was going to take to the local tip/dump.

So I gave him my contact details so we could arrange to go and have a look at what he had and told him I was super interested in the Amiga and whatever monitors and games/software he had.

Fast forward a few weeks and he finally gets back to me and learnt he had already taken 3 cars full of the stuff from the loft for disposal but had a few things left over that I could still take if I wanted them as long as I went over right then before he also took them to be thrown away.

So as he was only a 15 minute walk away I take my Sack Truck with me to go collect whatever was left…

Annoyingly he only had left a Amiga 1200 with no leads, a Workbench 3.0 manual and a 17" VGA CRT monitor…

Not been able to test if the Amiga 12000 works yet but it is in amazing condition.

Not the greatest ending really but I thanked him and offered to pay some token money for the Amiga and monitor, but he wouldn’t take any and let me take these for free.


Nice haul! And happy birthday!

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Got really lucky at my local Disc Replay tonight. Also had a $10 off coupon so i walked out without paying anything. Super excited, i havent played since 2001, still have save data somewhere.


Got the Strictly Limited Games Darius Cozmic Revelation boxset new from an eBay dealer for $120, pretty solid deal. The Strictly Limited Switch cart contains G-Darius HD, Darius Burst AC EX + and the Gameboy version of Sagaia which was originally only available as an extremely inconvenient timed digital Amazon Japan preorder bonus for the original import Darius Cozmic Collection. Also, this is my first time playing G-Darius, wow, that game is amazing, talk about a reputation that is well deserved.


Latest Surugaya order (still need the psu…)