RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Picked up some Xbox games at the flea market in the main square here last week.

It’s getting harder and harder to find videogames out in the wild like this, but it still happens from time to time.


A few more recent pick ups:


These just arrived:


Solid selection, DoA 3 holds up really well.

Offtopic, but do you know if the Xbox version of R:Racing uses a deflicker filter? I think it’s absent on the PS2/GC

Yet another TG-16 RPG arrived, got a sealed copy of Cosmic Fantasy 2 (that awful ‘90s American cover art…). Unlike Ys 1&2, which I played briefly many years ago, I have no experience with this game despite it being just as famous:


Some more pics of the Batsugun special edition boxset:


No, but the deflicker was a hardware thing. The TV encoder chip had a deflicker that blended adjacent lines. I’m sure it was on by default. What didnt help the PS2 was mostly the fact that many games rendered at half vertical resolution. 640x240 was common.

So always on for Xbox games in 480i, good to know, was thinking it might have been a mixed situation ala PS2/GC. iirc my soft modded Xbox allows it to be disabled altho mine has been in storage for over a year now.

Yeah out of the field rendered games on PS2 R:Racing stands out, I don’t know if it’s an art style thing but Tag (both deflicker/no-deflicker versions) and RRV look better.

Somewhat related, I’ve always wondered why RE4 had such a rough IQ, and was messing around with the frame buffer option in USBloader to finally see what was going on, it’s really not rendering anything close to 640x480

Interesting. I had assumed the letterboxing had performance saving qualities, is the internal resolution even lower than 640 x (480 - letterboxed pixels?)

resident evil 4 on ps2 renders internally at only 512x448, and 16:9 mode just puts black bars over parts of that.


I’m visiting my in laws in the Los Angeles area and had to get out of the house for a bit, lol. So I went to Bros game store in North Torrance. I hadn’t been there since before the pandemic so it was nice to see it’s still in business. Nice retro store too, a lot of variety on the shelves and controllers/accessories behind the counter.

I decided on some Wii games I’ve yet to play. They had both, so why not both? lol


I’ve been busy with thrifting games and consoles these last few weeks. Some lucky finds, common stuff, and interesting items. So here’s a quick overview collage.




I’m not up to date on current prices, but 10 euro for a GameCube and 7.50 for an Xbox seems like great deals! What’s that screen on the front of the Xbox?

It’s part of the xecuter 3 modchip front panel replacement. They’re quite rare now it seems.

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DHL 2 day shipping from Japan is nice! (Price not so much, but overall relatively reasonable given the speed, $20).


Very cool, I also picked up a NegCon (black version) recently while visiting family in Osaka and tested it out with the few games that I have that are compatible (Ridge Racer, RR Revolution and Ridge Racer V).

I love how this controller feels, really changes the experience of playing the games. I only wish I could use it for many other games!

Congrats on your purchase @dubc , hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have. :slight_smile:

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Purchased a digital copy of Ray’Z Arcade Chronology on PS4, this is a fantastic collection thanks to the usual high level polish from M2 and I’m having a blast rediscovering these games, especially Raystorm and Raycrisis both of which I hadn’t played in a really long time as my PS1 is in storage: