RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Other than me, no.

I don’t do handhelds though, aside from the GBA and bennvenn’s GBC backlit mod - and with those I’m not entirely satisfied. Anything else though, NESRGB and UltraHDMI included I’m happy to do to a state I find to be perfection.


I love the look of the styling on those models. By far the best looking CRT you can buy.


O chan of Oekaki Rogic? So full Picross clone?


It’s a full nonogram game. This one has more features than Picross: It has a silly story in adventure mode, which I can’t understand at all but is in the same style as Puyo Puyo, where you tackle more and more difficult puzzles, but without the crazy timer of Logic Pro Adventure; instead you have a three strike penalty, and help is in the form of different characters with special powers to uncover tiles. The traditional mode is “free”, in that it doesn’t tell you when you make mistakes. And finally it has a mode where you can create your own puzzles and save them.


A few months back I picked up a really nice Commodore 64C with a 1541 disc drive, and a bunch of discs. I paid $100 which I thought was a smokin’ deal, but I still needed a Commodore monitor. It’s also pretty yellowed, so I’ll have to fix that up with some peroxide action. Later on I picked up an Amiga 500 from an estate auction. Paid to much… Feelsbadman… Still no monitor!

Well, I got the haul of my life last night (including a monitor), and I’m so stoked to play around with it!

It’s a mint condition Commodore 128. This thing is in near perfect condition. Super clean, everything works flawlessly, the monitor looks amazing, and all the discs are meticulously labeled and numbered as if it was owned by someone with some serious OCD. The mouse is brand new, and I got 4 decent controllers with it too. The monitor alone is worth $300 CAD in eBay bucks!

The seller was in the next province over, and found a friend that happened to be driving my way. He charged me $200 CAD ($153 AmericaBucks) for the whole lot, and only $20 CAD to deliver it to my door from a province away!


got pokemon silver on an ebay auction for £9, thought that was pretty good! Opened it up to replace the battery…and it’s already been done. Tested the voltage using my multimeter and it’s absolutely fine, so all good!!

It’s also the girlfriends birthday. Drink.


Whew, I need a towel after seeing that!


I finally am the proud owner of a PC Engine. This system is pretty amazing.


You went all out. Fuck yeah

I want a pc engine at some point, but it’s been put on the back burner for a while.


The deal was too good. It was my friend’s personal PC Engine. He is going to give me his game back ups and a few extra controllers for it.

So we are talking a Duo R, Everdrive, RGB Mod, Recapped, Region Switch, 2-3 controllers, & his CD back ups. You should note that it has the original power supply. Apparently these are expensive.

I traded him a Switch and $100 US. I thought it was a great deal.


Congrats! I recently got a Duo-R from a local enthusiast. It has RGB but I’ll need to do a region mod for mine though.


Congratulations on the PC Engine buy. Its a great system with a very large library of games.


Thank you @Yakumo. I’m not even sure where to start. I’m probably going to play Rondo as it’s been on my to play list forever. I thought I’d never get a PC Engine so I bought Rondo on the Wii before the soft shutdown.


I’ve had this Amiga 500 for a while now, but just got around to doing a real nice cleaning on it. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

There was a RAM expansion board inside that was totally pooched, so I had to pull that out. The system still works great though.

^^ RAM expansion

And here it is.


Nicely done! Looking great, except for that poor RAM expansion board. Caps go boom :disappointed:


Thanks. They are only about $50 to replace, and fortunately the expansion board isn’t needed for almost all gaming, so I probably won’t even bother replacing it.


I’ve been meaning to get an Amiga for a while. I wanted the 1200 to get the latest model and play with the OS, but the 500 is better to play with original floppies I heard. Plus it’s cheaper.


Two new Game Boy games! I wanted the original Tetris because it’s iconic and it has the original tunes. I’m very surprised at how it presents on the GBC, I didn’t expect it to be so colourful!

I’ve been meaning to try Wendy for a while, and I’m lucky the European release seems much more available than the US one. It’s a nice game maybe a bit on the easy side (though I only played the first three worlds), but not having a battery and relying on passwords in a 2001 game is dumbfounding. I like the inclusion of an “advance world” when played in a GBA, and that it’s available directly from the main menu.


1200 is the best all around machine, gaming included, but they are astronomically expensive. You’re much saner to go with the 500 as it will play almost anything you throw at it.


Putting retro game purchases on the back burner for the rest of the year (much easier said than done…) as new game releases are picking up. Figured I’d share the final games I’ve picked up over the last month, which all happen to be Capcom games!