RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


The N64 port of Resident Evil 2 has always intrigued me. Since I run my retro stuff exclusively through an upscaler, I’ve stayed away from it because of the variable resolution (240p and 480i). What a great game though.


I still don’t know how they fit a 2 disc game onto a 64mb cartridge, but I’m glad it somehow exists. Going to be my first time playing RE2 (an odd version to start with but yeah), in preparation for the remake next year!


Swap the expansion pak with the jumper pak and it’ll stay at 240p.


Just got back home from Japan and while the trips main purpose was not hunting for games I still ended up bringing back a fair amount.

Hotline Miami (PS Vita) was a request from a friend of mine and the PS1 version of Street Fighter Zero 2 is for my brother (I have the CPS2 B board of it).

The KOF2003 PCB works fine but has 3 badly damaged capacitors on it so I will recap it soon. I should probably try to find out what battery type the PCB uses as the space for it is not populated.

I also picked up the MVS cart of Last Blade but I posted a picture of that earlier.

I ended up spending more money than I intended too originally but everything was obtained at very good prices so I’m happy.

Previously I had brought back a CPS2 A+B board from Mexico and had some issues going through baggage checks as they couldn’t seem to understand what it was and I ended up just telling them it is a special computer part I needed. So bringing back so many bare PCB’s with me through carry on had me a bit worried, but no one batted an eyelid going through security this time.


‪Got a complete copy of Soldier Blade for PC Engine. It looks great next to my Soldier Blade t-shirt.

With this I now have the compete Star Soldier lineup for PC-Engine/TG-16: Super Star Soldier (U.S. version), Final Soldier, Soldier Blade and the mighty Star Parodier:


I was telling @Socksfelloff how much I love Star Parodia.


Finally got my own copy. Missing the manual, but it was a great deal.


Postmortem: Angel Studios’ Resident Evil 2 (N64 Version)


New smallest Famicom (style) controller

And largest


“Step” up your game and get one of the big floor mat ones that you operate with your feet imo. If they even exist. I may have just dreamed it/made it up for the pun.




so a few gameboy games arrived today. got them all cheap in bundles from either japan or here in the UK:

Now, I tested each one. They were all fine, some dead batteries…but they worked. I then got to this fucker:

Started a new game…and uh, marin and tarin are nowhere to be found:

I also have a lot of junk. and feathers:

I opened the cart up…no visible damage. Polished the contacts with isoprol and tried again. started a new game and…

why is there a ghost in my house. why is he in my bed??

and now the ghost is following me around.

The game is the same on my Super Game Boy 2. I’m not really too fussed about it being broken as it’s hilarious and every new game is some new fucked up nightmare.


Someone I know has a cart of Link’s Awakening DX that has something similar where you start the game in a random place with that ghost following you.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I guess it’s possible the onboard SRAM chip gets into a weird state with age, or maybe the ROM chip itself somehow.


This is amazing. It reminds me of those old articles that would show you glitches you could do by tilting the cart


Clearly a haunted cart. Time to make a creepypasta.


I would love to see a play through of this and see where it goes lmao


Waffled on cancelling so here it is lol


I have the standard edition on the way. Someone’s already bitching in an Amazon review about it.


How come?


They probably thought it was a game .